Jet 7 Bistro Quezon City: Wine, Dine, and so much more…

Jet 7 Bistro Quezon City – A fun and chic place to hang out, have some good food and enjoy some really good music. A night of food, good music and great company, that was the gist of my dining experience here, had a nice dinner with some of my favorite people and was treated to sets of good music from a number of musicians and bands.


The pièce de résistance of French Cut Ribeye Steak 28 ounces of meaty goodness, my eyes were glued to this gorgeous piece of meat when it was served.


Normally I don’t post pictures of complimentary breads when I post about a restaurant, but these lovely dinner rolls were just too good. Warm, soft, pillowy bread pieces that had the faintest hint of of olive flavor in the background, enjoyed it with some butter, roasted garlic and the usual oil and balsamic dip. I think I had three of these, really nice.


We also tried their Herb Roasted Chicken and BBQ Beef ribs served with a rice pilaf. The ribs were really tender and flavorful with a nice meat to fat ratio, resistance was little to none as I cut through the piece of meat and a bite full of sweet and savory goodness a faint hint of smokiness from the background rounds it all up. As for the chicken it was also very tender and well seasoned, I enjoyed the part with the stuffing the most as its skin retained a bit of crisp and you bite into the lean meat and the stuffing, good stuff.


The French-cut Ribeye Steak was really a sight to behold, a ginormous cut of steak served on a board, 28 ounces of meaty goodness that would make any meat lover giddy with excitement. Took a piece and attacked the parts closer to the bone, yielding better flavor and gorgeous trimming of fat, I was expecting a really strong flavor of maybe some herbs and whatnot but I was treated to this rather clean tasting piece of meat, simply seasoned with a crust of salt and pepper allows you to appreciate the natural flavors of the steak. Have the excess fatty bits toasted and pair it with some bread or maybe a rice pilaf and you’re all good! I just hope they’d serve it whole, or maybe cut the strips thicker, so that the meat would better retain a warmer temperature for a longer period of time.


For dessert we had this Strawberry Sabayon, layers of creamy goodness and some sponge cake at the bottom makes for this very nice combination of creamy, tangy, and sweet. I think they used some wine for this as it gave it that nice vibrant flavor in the background. Finished it off with a nice sweet relief of chocolate and almond covered pretzel.

Again when in Quezon City and craving for steak, or maybe looking for a place to have good times with some of your closest friends and family, do consider Jet 7 Bistro. Food was nice, a very extensive menu with a lot of choices, from the steaks and foie gras to simple rice meals. The quality service from the staff was on point and be serenaded with some really good music from local artists and bands.


Jet7 Bistro, Quezon City

G/F President Tower
81 Timog Ave. cor Scout Ybardolaza St.
South triangle, Quezon City
(02) 416-6707
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