A Feast at Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House

JOHNNY KAHUKU’S HAWAIIAN SHRIMP HOUSE – We had a fantastic feast for a lunch at this restaurant in Newport Mall of Resorts World Manila. Everything that we tried during the lunch was just fantastic it went above and beyond my expectations. Johnny Kahuku will also be opening their second branch in Eastwood Mall, Libis.

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_special_seafood_pokeThis is their Special Seafood Poke of seared blackened tuna, salmon sashimi, grilled squid, white shrimps and that awesome miso-shoyu dressing that coats everything and further titillates the palate. This is really, really good I’d gladly eat one serving and that’s coming from a guy that’s normally not a fan of seafood. Everything from the flavor combination to the play on texture to the quality of sashimi and other seafood components – just fantastic!

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_asian_crispy_squidA beautifully plated Asian Crispy Squid that’s coated with a nice caramel tamarind glaze and served with crunchy dilis and peanut adobo. This is quite addicting, a nice balance of the sweet and salty flavor will leave you wanting for more.

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_island_kilawinDefinitely a cleaner flavour to the palate, but very good as well is their Island Kilawin of cured tanguige, ahi tuna, coconut lime dressing, roasted corn, peppers, cucumber, jicama and cilantro. The star of the starter dish is the fish and that soft and delicate texture with the light refreshing flavors with a bit of zing.

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_mango_pineapple_mojitoHappy hour started early that day with my refreshing Mango Pineapple Mojito. This actually went well with the stuff that we tried very light and hand these bits of pulp that makes for a more interesting texture to the drink.

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_classic_kahuku_shrimp_truckBut one of my favourites from the lunch is definitely this Classic Shrimp Kahuku Shrimp Truck of those lovely crustaceans cooked in garlic butter, hawaiian rice, macaroni salad and tuna ahi poke. One hefty serving that can easily be shared by two people. A complete meal on its own.

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_classic_kahuku_shrimp_truck2The star of the dish was definitely the shrimps – plump and slightly sweet and cooked beautifully with a garlic butter base. Then you pair it with the flavorful rice and you get these spikes of sweetness from the pineapple bits mixed in. SO GOOD this is a definite must-try!

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_cuchinillo1johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_cuchinillo2Now who doesn’t love a beautiful piece of roasted pig? Their Cuchinnillo is a four week old suckling pig basted with coconut and roasted to perfection served with the chef’s special pineapple liver sauce that had notes of herbs and aromatics in it making it a perfect match to the crispy fatty goodness of the pig. There’s also the two week aged sili-tuba concoction which did a really great job in further highlighting the flavor of the meat. GOOD STUFF!

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_LA_beef_kalbi_ribsDon’t miss on their L.A. Beef Kalbi Ribs as well as these grilled cross cut US Beef Angus short ribs served with grilled onions and kalbi sauce is perfect with lots and lots of rice! I think these babies are best eaten with your hands so you’ll be able to mop out every piece of the meat.

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_crab_palabok1CRAB PALABOK! YESSSS!!! Fried crab sitting on top of shrimp palabok sauce, garlic, rice noodles, boiled eggs, chicharon and smoked fish. I mean what’s not to like right? This is just so good!!!

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_crab_palabok2Imagine the rich crab fat mixing in with the already flavorful shrimp palabok sauce – perfectly coating those thin rice noodles. And then you hit the other components making for a richer flavor and texture combination – heaven in your mouth! Ordering this dish should be a no-brainer, a definite must-try!

johnny_kahuku_hawaiian_shrimp_house_pina_coladaTo cap off the dinner, a well prepared piña colada, you know, because we’re at a Hawaiian Shrimp House. This is quite good too, the flavour combination is spot on and I love the presentation as well.

We had a fantastic dining experience at Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House. Everything from the quality of food to the service and alertness of the wait staff is on point. Will definitely go back for the glorious Crab Bihon and Classic Kahuku Shrimp Truck.

Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House

Newport Mall

Second Floor, Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Pasay City

Eastwood Mall

Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall,
Libis, Quezon City

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