Kichitora of Tokyo in Central Square, Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC

Kichitora of Tokyo recently opened a new branch in Central Square of Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC. It was my first time to try this ramen place and I didn’t know what to expect specially with their unique soup base (paitan) that utilizes chicken parts to make the broth. Personally I like miso for the flavor and tonkotsu for that milky texture and I was very happy that their signature base had that same velvety mouth feel to it.

A soup base with a milky, creamy texture with nice slices of meat and my favorite part when eating ramen, the ajitamago – oh those marinated soft-boiled eggs that goes perfectly with the broth, just can’t get enough of it.kichitora_of_tokyo_bgc_gyoza_salad_posterThey have surprisingly good gyoza, your usual meat and veggies as filling but the consistency and the flavor was quite good and I definitely enjoyed it, there’s also the Ban Ban Ji that’s basically a mix of greens topped with these succulent chicken pieces and tossed with sesame dressing.

kichitora_of_tokyo_bgc_karaage_posterBut really the appetizer that I liked the most is their Karaage, they make a good one and its just these mouthful treats of light and crispy batter and the meat of chicken so succulent with the ever creamy and rich japanese mayo as dip, can’t go wrong with that.


JAJAMEN – cold noodle, tsukemen style topped with sweet minced pork, onsen tamago and spring onions

A cold noodle dish eaten like a tsukemen, what I really like about this is those pieces of minced pork so good with the noodles, the creamy goodness from the onsen tamago as you poke all that yolk goodness and it would adhere to the noodles like a sauce, bold flavors that’s really a treat to the palate and then you hit some of those spring onions to cut all that richness down. Really good stuff.


HOKKAIDO MISO RAMEN – hokkaido miso blend topped with minced pork, chicken or pork chashy, mixed vegetables, bamboo shoots, spring onions, and fried garlic oil

Now this Hokkaido Miso Ramen is really good. You get that deep flavor from the miso base but the mouthfeel on this one is still quite rich and milky and then you eat it with the chashu bits and in the background there’s a faint hint of garlic flavor, gives it some spice and keeps you wanting for more.

kichitora_of_tokyo_bgc_hokkaido_miso_ramen_poster2Of course you can do what we did and order a side of ajitamago, this will always be present when I eat ramen, it’s really my favorite part and I love everything about it.


PAITAN RAMEN ZENBU NO SE – special variation of their paitan chicken ramen, topped with an additional piece of pork or chicken chashu, ajitsuke tamago and a dash of flavorful fried garlic oil

kichitora_of_tokyo_bgc_paitan_ramen_zenbu_no_se_poster2I really, really liked this one. It was my first time trying a chicken base ramen and I was blown away of how good it was, I mean look at it, definitely a thing of beauty and is a real treat to eat. Of the same milky broth with good balanced flavor and perfectly firm noodles, each slurp was happiness. Then you eat the chashu bits having that nice hint of smoky flavor to it, so good I had to order some more! And then the egg, that ajitamago with its golden creamy goodness which you know I’m obsessed with. But really what makes this so awesome is that hint of garlic flavor just enough to further titillate the palate and leave you wanting for more. Really good and a definite must-try.

For desserts you MUST try the Dojo Ice Cream flavors as they are really good, and for a lighter way to end the meal, get the Almond Jelly or the Coconut Pudding with Matcha and Azuki. I really enjoyed our meal at Kichitora and will definitely be back for more, I think I’ll be sticking with my Paitan Zenbu no Se and maybe try a rice bowl or two when I go back.

Kichitora of Tokyo

3rd Floor Central Square
Bonifacio High Street Central
Taguig City
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