Kitchen 1B in Legaspi Village, Makati

KITCHEN 1B – I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant since they opened last year in Salcedo, by the same chef as the famous Apartment 1B, this fairly new concept focuses on what they call the wholesome alternative, prioritizing the nutritional benefits of the food rather than following the bandwagon of the organic ingredients and diet food restaurants. I must say this is actually some of the best, well prepared dishes that I’ve tried for this niche of restaurant.

kitchen_1b_grilled_prawns_and_lentil_saladGorgeous Grilled Prawns & Lentil Salad of plump pieces of smoky, succulent of prawns on a bed of well seasoned lentils, it was so simple but so good! The big head prawns had this distinct hint of smoky flavor to it from the grilling and together with it’s natural sweetness, it’s one awesome starter dish.

kitchen_1b_heirloom_tomato_soupA warm bowl of comfort – their Heirloom Tomato Soup with almond herb pesto drizzle is a must-try! The base had this unique sweet taste to it and together with the crusty bread, it was just lovely.

kitchen_1b_eggplant_croquettesEggplant Croquettes with feta cheese and served with a terragon-tumeric aioli, these are really good! From the nice crunch from the batter to sweet and creamy flavor and consistency of the croquettes as you bite into it, it’s quite good and this is coming from someone who doesn’t eat eggplant.

kitchen_1b_baked_stuffed_capsicumTheir Baked Stuffed Capsicum is so good! Stuffed with a piece of heirloom tomato, bocconcini, basil and anchovies it was delightfully sweet and salty. It’s a very simple dish but the way they prepared it allows the ingredients to take the spotlight.

kitchen_1b_spring_barley_risottoThis Spring Barley Risotto that’s been cooked with white wine and had a nice sharp flavor of parmesan running in the background is quite good too. The barley had a unique texture and flavor and then you hit the peas and asparagus pieces.

The vegetarian dishes that they served were so good! I wish all vegetable dishes were this good and well-prepared, definitely changed my perception to veggies.

kitchen_1b_turkey_burgerTurkey Burger topped with slices of brie and then you hit that layer of cranberry campote and that lovely potato bun, so good! Between the beautifully grilled turkey patty and the layers of creamy cheese and the refreshing kick from the campote, this is one killer sandwich.

kitchen_1b_whole_wheat_spaghetti_and_vegetablesPesto is something that I really didn’t like, primarily because I’m not a fan of veggies, but their version was so good, I’d gladly finish one serving of this. The Whole Wheat Spaghetti &Vegetables of well cooked pasta coated in their own version (better) of pesto – loaded with parsley, tarragon, mind and almond as base.

kitchen_1b_lamb_curryA  more rice, more fun type of dish, their Lamb Curry was so good! Generous pieces of almost melt-in-your-mouth pieces of Australian lamb and curry over basmati rice served with tomato salsa, fried plantain and papadam. This is really good, the lamb was so tender and laced with their lovely curry that will leave you wanting for more rice.

kitchen_1b_grilled_pork_ribBut if I were to pick a favorite from all the stuff that we tried, it would definitely be their Grilled Pork Rib. This perfectly cooked piece of meat had nice charred and toasted bits on all the right places but as I cut into the meat it was so tender, sitting on a bed of yellow ginger, tumeric and lemongrass sauce and served with a side of cruciferous vegetables. Oh and the produce that they used for this is actually pro-biotic, hormone-free pork.

kitchen_1b_grilled_tenderloinFor the steak lovers, don’t fret as they serve some nice steaks too, if you want something a bit more hearty, try the fillet mignon that’s wrapped in bacon, but for us during the dinner, having tried so much food, this Grilled Tenderloin was quite the treat. Australian grass-fed beef cooked medium rare, just the way I like it and served over a bed of mashed cauliflower and asparagus.


For dessert we tried their Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake made with the ever light and creamy ricotta cheese and studded with some blueberries and for the base, they actually used digestive cookie for this instead of the usual graham crust. This is so light and refreshing it’s perfect with a nice cup of strong coffee.

I was so surprised with the quality of food at Kitchen 1B, I never tried organic, healthy food that’s this good! I’ll definitely go back for more of the Pork Rib, Lamb Curry and yes even the new vegetarian dishes that we tried that was fantastic as well.

Kitchen 1B

Ground Floor, KL Tower,
Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village,
Makati City
(02) 403-5405 / (02) 843-2392
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