The Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee at Tomas Morato

Stopped over this inviting pastry shop for that after-meal sweet cravings. Enjoyed a couple of cake slices at an affordable price. 😀

 This one’s called Whoopie, it’s not even on their menu, chocolate cake with marshmallows, choco chip, and cream cheese. You can get it for free for a minimum purchase of P500. Not bad 🙂

 The place is comfy and nice, and they have a wireless hotspot (WiFi) if you want to stay there and kill some time.

And we did indulge on their cake selections that are quite affordable. (P70 ~ P110)

7th Heaven (P90)

Seven layers of chocolate cake, cashew meringue, custard, and mocha buttercream.

The taste of mocha was evident on this one, I did enjoy the good texture from the different layers, it had this pudding-like layer that I loved. Some may find it too sweet, but if you’re a chocolate/mocha lover then you should try this one 😀

Coffee Tiramisu (P80)

Italian espresso and cream cheese.

Their take on tiramisu is a bit different. It really reminded me of a mocha slice some local pastry shop sells. (G………) This ones a bit on the cake-y side and is light and flavor. The hint of cream cheese helped in giving it more interesting flavor. But I prefer my tiramisu to have that strong coffee taste + creamy whipped egg mixture.

The Decadent (P90)

Our moist chocolate cake with moist coffee pastry cream, and chocolate ganache on top.

Their coffee pastry cream actually tasted like caramel. This moist chocolate cake is a product of the classic chocolate + caramel combination that almost always work.

Really Queso Cheesecake (P90)

 Refreshing Queso de Bola and Cheddar Cheese.

I got really excited when I saw that they have a queso de bola cheesecake on their cake selections as I really loved the last one I tried from La Cocina de Tita Moning. I was expecting really sharp flavored cheesecake, but to my disappointment their version was light, buttery and is almost moose-like. I got to give them credit for creating it so that it would ressemble the traditional queso de bola most of us love. (red outer cover)

White Choco Sansrival (P80)

 Classic cashew sansrival with a white chocolate twist.

I liked their white chocolate sansrival, it’s not too sweet and I really liked its nutty + creamy white chocolate goodness.

Mango Walnut Torte (P90)

 Sweet and salty walnut and mango meringues with cream.

Their Mango Walnut Torte was definitely the best of the cakes we tried. It had this melt in your mouth goodness and would delight you with nice texture from the nuts. Be mindful of eating it right away tho, because it  melts / sag quickly. This ones definitely a must-try, loved it!

Whoopie (Free - For a minimum purchase of 500)

We got this one for free it’s not even on their menu. (new product) Chocolate cake stuffed with mallows, choco chip, and cream cheese. Though the flavor of the cream cheese wasn’t really evident on this one, it was quite nice. Chocolate and marshmallow lovers would certainly like this treat.


VERDICT: The place had this cozy and inviting ambiance. The service was good too. Though munching on their cakes (the ones we tried) was kind of a hit and miss experience, there’s certainly room for improvement. But I’d still recommend this place if you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends or kill some free time.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Good value for money with the cake prices raning from P70 ~ P110, that’s quite a treat.


Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee, Tomas Morato

258-A Tomas Morato Ave.,
Corner Sct. Fernandez
Quezon City

11 thoughts on “The Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee at Tomas Morato”

  1. om.. the 7th heaven.. ang sarap nun…. grabe…
    kakainis.. parag gusto ko tuloy umorder hahaha…
    ang layo naman nito.. sa north pa…
    pero pag may event ako sa north dadalaw ako dito..

  2. KOCCO is my default coffee shop whenever I am at Morato especially when I am working on a budget. Everything there is so affordable however not everything is guaranteed palate-pleaser. I love their dulce de leche cheesecake and the coffee bun. I’ve yet to try that Whoopie Pie 🙂

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