Kouign Amann by Cicou – Fantastic Dessert Creations that Will Blow Your Mind!

Kouign Amann are desserts made in food heaven, the first time I tried this delectable sweet tooth treat was at a degustation, where I met Chef Cyrille Soenen of Impressions and Brasserie Cicou in Greenhills, during that dinner we tried the classic and the chocolate version of their kouign amann and I’m telling you it was love at first bite. It was just these layers of butter, flaky pastry and sugar the base was just fantastic! Reminded me of a really good croissant / puff pastry but only more rich and decadent it’s really a treat. I’ve been wanting to go to their restaurant in Greenhills for quite some time but failed since I don’t usually go to that area but I’ve been craving for it since. So imagine my happiness and excitement when they launch this new pastry shop that sells kouign amann and its many permutations! Went there right away to treat myself a box – which I devoured in one seating after I took pictures of them for the feature. 😀


They have a number of variants for the sweet tooth treat; from the more basic but equally satisfying toppings to the more premium ones and the more complex savory variants. Personal favorites are Peanut Butter and Jelly, Caramel, and Chorizo


Started with the Coffee variant, it had this nice caramelized, almost little brittle like topping that together with the sweet and buttery base of the pastry had this very earthy and Christmas-y flavor to it. The Chocnut on the other hand is something more familiar a thin layer, almost like a frosting with crumbs of chocnut to boot, it provided a very nice chocolaty and rich mouth-feel to it with that nice nutty flavor running through the background. It’s a nice way to give the local chocolate bar new life.


I must admit I’m partial to anything Peanut Butter and Jelly but they really nailed the flavor combination on this one! It’s so damn good!!! Again it starts with that glorious, glorious base of buttery and sweet goodness and together with the peanut butter topping made this almost brown butter flavor to it with this sticky, decadent nutty flavor running to the background, it’s just fantastic. And then you hit the swirls of the jelly giving that nice kick of tangy flavor balancing the rich flavor of the kouign amann.


I mean come on, just look at it – a thing of beauty is their Caramel flavored K.A. The combination is actually very simple but it just works. Again swirls of caramel atop that nice buttery and flaky pastry base. I love that the caramel wasn’t too overly sweet, just enough for a kick of flavor and that sweet, sticky goodness but not overly so to make things cloying. This is just perfect with a nice cup of brewed coffee or some light ice cream on the side.


Another simple combination that just works was this one with swirls of Dark Chocolate. That bittersweet swirls on top of the K.A is just fantastic with the glorious base. Found myself licking the chocolate topping before biting onto the kouign amann, like a child I enjoyed its buttery, sweet, and chocolaty goodness.


I also got some of their savory variants, you know I have to try the Bacon and Cheese! Pieces of cured and smoked meat with some sharp cheese provided that nice spike of savory flavor that went really, really well with the sweet and buttery base. Their Ensaymada is quite good too! A generous topping of what seem to be grated queso de bola again provided that nice sharp flavor to go with the naturally buttery and sweet base.


But my personal favorite from the savory variants that I got was the Chorizo. Slathered with melted cheese and every so flavorful spanish chorizo bits it’s just perfection. That layer of cheese and the fatty chorizo pieces left me wanting for more, longing for that contrast with the savory toppings and that sweet base and those layers of butter and sugar that just gives it a very decadent finish. This is really good!

Do yourself a favor and try the lovely creations of Kouign Amann by Cicou – you can get these wonderful sweet tooth treats at their first store in the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall. Now I can go on and on with the raves on how good these are but do check it out, if you haven’t tried Kouign Amann yet, man you’re missing out on this fantastic treat, I must warn you though – it’s dangerously addicting. I inhaled box full of these gems in one seating! I’m sure to go back and try the other variants. This also makes for a great gift for this holiday season.

Kouign Amann by Cicou

2/F SM Megamall, Mega Fashion Hall, Julia Vargas Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
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  1. I would love to try those treats. Hoping they’ll open a branch here in Cagayan de Oro. For sure, a lot of Kagay-anons will patronize it. Cause nowadays, pastry and sweet stores has been popular around the city. And I’m a fan of those kind of delights. 🙂

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