Kuppa Roastery and Cafe: More than a Cup of Coffee

Coffee is one of my weakness; I should at least have  a cup or two daily. Recently we tried Kuppa (pronounced as cuppa) Roastery and Cafe at BGC. We had an awesome lunch there and splurged on their wide selection of food and beverages.

This is their awesome Cristina Pizza; definitely flavorful and packs a nice twist that would titillate your taste buds.

Owned by Eugene and Karen Lo-Tsai that came from a family of coffee makers, their years of experience in trying to make the perfect cup of coffee would delight coffee aficionados. Recently Ms. Karen Lo-Tsai took an exam to be formally called a professional cupper, she’s the first here in the Philippines and it’s really quite awesome!

The place is simple, with a slightly modern design influences; it would definitely provide a comfy place for coffee / tea lovers and foodies alike.

And like I said we did splurged and tried A LOT of stuff 😀

Insalata Kuppa (P240)

Mixed salad greens, arugula, reduced balsamic and blue cheese dressing.

Simple and nice salad dish, the blue cheese dressing helped it have that extra something, interesting flavors and the tinge of crunch from the romaine lettuce was really quite nice.

Prosciutto and Pumpkin (P230)

Prosciutto with honey roasted pumpkin

Awesome contrast of flavors! Their Prosciutto and Pumpkin Sandwich is a nice and simple snack that would appeal to anyone. The mojos on the side are good too.

Cristina Pizza (P360)

Kuppa’ssignatuire pizza; mozzarella, balsamic, gorgonzola, figs and grapes.

Their Cristina Pizza is all sorts of awesome! When you take a bite, your taste buds will be titillated by the awesome combination of flavors. The thin crust and the overload of cheese melts in your mouth then you get the fruity and sweet notes from the figs and grapes. This one’s a definite must-try!

Prosciutto e Arugula (P360)

Prosciutto and arugula dressed with olive oil.

Their prosciutto ed arugula pizza was nice too. Pieces of prosciutto on a bed of cheese in a thin crust pizza, the tinge of crunch from the arugula was nice and this one’s a nice way into tricking meat lovers (like myself) into eating veggies.

Frutti di Mare Pasta (P240)

Seafood pasta with cream sauce.

Their frutti di mare pasta can be served in red or cream sauce, they can also prepare a combination of both (half cream and half red) to suit the diner’s liking. This simple and delicious pasta dish is filled with the awesomeness of the fruits of the sea. Seafood and pasta lovers, don’t miss this one! 😀

Crispy Pata (P580 Medium | P720 Large)

Traditional ‘fall of the bone’ crispy pata served with three delicious sauces.

Being a meat lover and given that I am fond of pampabata dishes, I got excited that they serve this traditional Filipino dish with a variety of sauces. The first one was liver sauce (the same sauce we use for lechon), then there’s the classic crispy pata sauce; a combination of soy sauce and vinegar, the last one was an apple sauce. Tried them all and they were all good, loved the combination of the liver sauce and the apple dip, awesome flavors that went well with the meat.

Lamb Caldereta (P320 Single | P580 Sharing)
Lamb Caldereta (P320 Single | P580 Sharing)

Kuppa’s take on the classical Spanish caldereta, served with bell pepper and olives.

This is probably one of the best lamb dishes that I tried. They used lamb shoulder for this one; marinated in white wine vinegar and garlic for two days. What I really liked about their lamb calderetawas the absence of gaminess, you’ll get to enjoy its tender and slow cooked goodness more. This one’s a must-try.

Pan Seared Snapper (P280)
Pan Seared Snapper (P280)

Pan seared fish with potatoes served with creamy mushroom sauce.

Their pan seared snapper was stuffed with abalone oysters and button mushrooms. The medley of the flavors was just great and the tender and perfectly cooked piece of fish and potatoes was awesome, really enjoyed this one.

Salpicao (P395)

US beef tenderloin with mushrooms sautéed in extra virgin olive oil.

I’m a big fan of salpicao dishes. Kuppa’s version of it did not disappoint, loved the tender cubes of beef tenderloin and mushrooms that are lightly seasoned. This simple and yummy dish is a must-try. 😀

Since we tried a lot of stuff, we tried their teas to cleanse our palate and hopefully find space for dessert 😀

Gyokuro (P140) | Jasmine Dragon Pearl (P95) | Casablanca Mint (P125)
Gyokuro (P140) | Jasmine Dragon Pearl (P95) | Casablanca Mint (P125)

Really liked their Gyokuro tea, it’s from Japan and it had this smooth and sweet trait that I really like. I’m not a fan of their jasmine dragon pearl tea though; it had this strong scent of jasmine flowers that’s just too much for my liking. Their cassablanca mint tea was nice too; the hint of mint and lemon grass was nice and refreshing.

For our sweet ending we tried a couple of pastries and paired it with their coffee.

Apple Tart (P90)

Baked apple slices in a crisp tart shell with powdered sugar

First we tried their apple tart and hineleban coffee (P115).  The pieces of apple were tender and not too sweet; this one’s simple and quite enjoyable. We paired it with their hineleban coffee that had a strong and bold flavor, really liked their combination.

Matt’s Choco Cake (P130)
Sumatra Mandheling Coffee (P90)

Rich and sinfully decadent cake with a molten center and strawberry coulis
20-25 minutes waiting time

Really liked their Matt’s choco cake; a chocolate lava cake filled with awesome chocolate-y goodness. They also serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that would definitely give it a more interesting flavor with the nice contrast of hot and cold. The chocolate cake was yummy as it is though. The strong and defined coffee flavor of their Sumatra Mandheling coffee was a perfect match.

Ben’s Cappucino (P80) and Strawberry Kiss (P130)

Their strawberry kiss was light and the fruity bits of strawberry were awesome and the cappuccino went well with it.


VERDICT: Our dining experience at Kuppa was nothing short of brilliant. Good coffee and good food. Kuppa’s not just another coffee shop that you’ll find at the BGC area. Their passion and attention to detail with their food and beverages were commendable and the place really deserves a return trip, would love to try their burger that’s covered with gravy and cheese sauce next time. 😀

VALUE FOR MONEY: Good value for money, you’ll get good food that’s almost always good for sharing.


Kuppa Roastery & Cafe, Bonifacio Global City

Commercenter Bldg., 31st St cor 4th Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 623-5120
Facebook Page

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