Lazy Bastard in Jupiter Street, Makati – Tater Bombs and Killer Burgers and Sandwiches

LAZY BASTARD – A new hole-in-the-wall open late restaurant and burger joint along Jupiter Street, Makati. It’s located at the basement level of the same building where famous restaurants Yamato Bakery and Mitsuyado Sei-Men are. I’ve been hearing good things about the place but there’s seem to be no reviews and features about it when I did a quick web search so this has always been on my bucketlist of must-try restaurants. So imagine my excitement when Richie suggested that we check the place out oneĀ  late weekday lunch. Happiness is entering the restaurant andĀ  seeing their LONG LIVE BACON sign, by that time I kind of knew we’ll have an awesome meal here.

lazy_bastard_makati_feature_posterWhile their burgers and hotdogs are both good, the highlight of our meal here was their Breakfast Sandwich that you can stack as high as you can with as many filling / toppings that you want!

I actually went to the place kind of late and Richie went ahead and order the stuff that we had for lunch, and he ordered the exact things that I would have; one of each of their sandwiches and their tater bombs of awesome tater tots pieces that are wrapped with bacon.

lazy_bastard_makati_bacon_cheseburgerBacon Cheeseburger of 100% ground chuck with the patties being well cooked and juicy we also opted for an extra topping of fried egg and bacon, because why not right?! This one’s a good burger, no frills and fancy stuff, just well made eat with your hands messy burger. GOOD!

lazy_bastard_makati_fries_onion_ringsYou can get the burgers and sanwiches here with a choice of sides and we tried almost all of them, these are the onion rings and fries that were good enough, crisp and well seasoned this goes really well with some beer.

lazy_bastard_makati_tater_bombsBut among the sides that we tried this is by far the best, their Tater Bombs!!! Oh yes that’s right tater tots of deep fried potato pieces of happiness that’s made even more awesome because its covered with crispy bacon, so good!!!

lazy_bastard_makati_kimchi_dogWe also tried their Kimchi Dog of bacon-wrapped beef sausage with a bit of kimchi as topping. I liked the way that the bacon pieces add that bit of crunch contasting the juicy beef sausage and the kimchi pieces giving it some bit of heat.

lazy_bastard_makati_breakfast_sandwichLike I said the star of our meal at Lazy Bastard is their make-your-own Breakfast Sandwich. For our sandwich we picked the french toast as base and chose sausage patty, longganisa patty, bacon, cheese and creamy scrambled eggs. This is so good! Between the savory sausage patty and the slightly sweet and garlic-y longganisa patty with the creamy scrambled eggs and the cheese it’s like the best hits or your favorite breakfast treats in sandwich form. SO GOOD! This is a must-try!

We had a great meal at Lazy Bastard, this place would definitely be on the top of my list when I’m craving for burgers and sandwiches, another good hole-in-the-wall restaurant along Jupiter Street, Makati. The tater bombs and the make-your-own breakfast sandwich is a must-try!

Lazy Bastard

Basement Floor,
22 Jupiter Corner Galaxy Street,
Bel-Air, Makati City
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