Le Jardin BGC – A Stunning Place for French Fine Dining

LE JARDIN is one gorgeous fine dining restaurant located at the heart of BGC. A first look at this place will give you a feeling that you’ve been transported elsewhere as the place is stunning, from the interiors to their breathtaking view of the cityscape, specially during dinner service makes it a great place for intimate dinners or if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

le_jardin_bgc_feature_posterTwo dishes for the meat lovers, beef cheeks that’s so tender and flavorful topped with a piece of perfectly seared foie gras and a venison dish with a wine and berries reduction as sauce.le_jardin_bgc_interiorsLike I said, the place is just gorgeous! My photos of the interiors doesn’t really do justice to how lovely the place is, go pick a table window-side and be charmed with their view of the city.

le_jardin_bgc_breadGood baguettes and brioche, made fresh daily. I like their brioche more as it has more flavor and had that soft inner bits which I love. We got the 4-course meal with two appetizers and a main dish, as well as a cheese course and one dessert.

le_jardin_bgc_amuse_boucheWe started with an amuse bouche of Truffled Scrambled Eggs. So simple but I’m partial to the earthy goodness and aroma of truffle so I liked it. Just well made fluffy scrambled eggs and just the right amount of aroma and flavor from the black truffle.


ASSIETE DE THON – tuna plate: fresh raw marinated tuna and smoked tuna

It’s no secret that I’m partial to salmon and all its fatty goodness but their tuna plate of smoked and marinated tuna was good. I never had smoked tuna before and I must say it went well with the natural flavor of the fish. They smoke the fish in the restaurant and basically makes everything from scratch. This is good, if you like tuna, you should try this.


ASSIETE DE TROIS FOIE GRAS – french duck liver three ways

If you like foie gras, you’d really, I mean really enjoy this french duck liver served in three ways; torchon, terrine, and spring roll. While I love the richness from both the terrine with figs and the torchon, a little sprinkling of fleur de sel and it’s all good – fatty and very flavorful. But really the star is the spring roll. Oh my God it is so good! I think J had an out of body experience when he tried it. I wonder how they were able to deep fry the piece of foie gras in spring roll form (I’m thinking it might explode) but they did pull it off and it’s fantastic!

le_jardin_bgc_white_wineSome Domaine de Lery Cheverny 2011 to go with the appetizers that we got. I love how it’s slightly sweet and fruity with nice hint of berries too.


SOUPE DE POISSON PROVENCALE – fish soup – french riviera style

Something simple and hearty, a riveria style fish soup with a delicate piece of threadfin bream and then you pour in the soup base that’s quite rich. The soup is warm and comforting and pretty much embodies the flavor of seafood. The piece of fish was cooked well too. And then you eat them with these pieces of bread with a generous saffron-based spread on top.


CREVETTES SAUTEES AUS EPICES – sauteed prawns with spices

Another one for the seafood lovers, shrimp and all its flavorful goodness with the spices just enough to highlight the natural flavor of the crustacean. I love that they serve it with the heads as I think it’s where most of the flavor is.


POUPONETTE DE CHOU CONFIT DE CANARD – cabbage stuffed with duck confit, foe gras sauce

We had a hard time on deciding on what to get for the main course, and since both J and I are shameless meat lovers, we were also eying the duck confit, but since we got the beef cheeks and venison instead, we tried their cabbage stuffed with duck confit. This turned out to be my second favorite of the appetizers that we tried, only next to that foie gras trio. I do love the presentation, the cabbage is like a little present, slice and munch on the pieces of duck confit that it’s stuffed with. I love how they included pieces of crispy skin there as it added nice texture to the dish. The sauce is quite rich and velvety and had foie gras as base.

le_jardin_bgc_palate_cleanserAfter the appetizers, they served this nice little palate cleanse of lemon sorbet with basil oil and tomato confit. I love how the piece of tomato had this nice almost fruity and sweet flavor to it.

le_jardin_bgc_red_wineSince we both got meat for our main course, some Domaine Mongereard-Mugneret Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2010 to go with the game and meat entrée.


JOUE DE BOEUF ET FOIE GRAS POELE – braised beef cheek topped with pan seared foie gras

Wagyu beef cheeks cooked slowly until melt-in-your-mouth and then topped with a piece of perfectly seared foie gras. I love how there’s a bit of the cinnamon flavor running in the background. Most often than not, the richness of that fatty duck liver goes well with a bit of sweetness and that whiff and faint hint of cinnamon works well too. This reminded me of the holidays, something festive, filling and rich.


CHEVREUIL DE VENAISON – seared venison with red wine and berry reduction

Very few restaurants in Manila serves venison and Le Jardin’s dish is a winner. Perfectly cooked meat served a bit more on the rare side. You get to appreciate the meat’s tender texture and natural flavor this way. The sauce is a red wine and berry reduction that went well with the flavor of the meat. This is good, do get a nice glass of red with it.

le_jardin_bgc_homemade_cheeseAfter the main course, they serve a number of their homemade cheese. I really liked the one with truffle and honey and the red with selfou or red pepper salt. One unique cheese though is covered with ash, it has a distinct flavor.


FONDANT AU CHOCOLAT – moist chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream

Of couse you know I’d get the lava cake, I have this never-ending obsession with sweet tooth treats like this one of warm and indulgent, chocolaty cake base and then you pair it with a spoonful of vanila ice cream, simple flavor combination that brings me so much joy.


DESSERT DE GILS – Gil’s dessert

A surprise though is this Dessert de Gils, a beautiful mess with a flavor and texture combination that just works. A medley of flavors between the tart raspberry sorbet and strawberries and the sweet vanilla ice cream and chocolate – and then you hit the nougat and meringue bits and their chewiness makes the texture a bit more interesting. I really liked this one.

Le Jardin BGC offers both full course dining (3 Courses for P2,200 | 4 courses for P2,800 | 5 courses for P3,200) as well as ala carte setup for their dishes. The place is quite expensive and you’ll need to splurge a bit, but between the gorgeous ambiance and view of the city and the food that’s done well, I really think it’s worth it. This is one great date place, there’s just that feel of exclusivity and intimacy in the place. Oh and they have good, rare wines too at good prices.

Le Jardin, BGC

Penthouse, W Fifth Avenue Building,
5th Avenue Corner 32nd Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
(02) 246-9069 ext:333
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