Le Petit Souffle in Century City Mall: A New French-Japanese Bistro

Le Petit Souffle is a new restaurant concept by young and talented pastry chefs Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla, you might know them as they spearhead the very successful craft cookie place that’s also in Century City Mall – Scout’s Honor. I was very excited about this concept as it’s quite unique, a French-Japanese inspired bistro with the desserts and sweet tooth treats the star of the show, but they have savory dishes too, some very good ones at that.

le_petit_souffle_century_city_mall_blog_posterWas a bit depressed when they told me they’re not serving any souffle because of some technical problems in the kitchen but the savior is the chocolate cake of my dreams – three to four layers of pure chocolate bliss and that fantastic Salted Duck Egg Parfait!le_petit_souffle_century_city_mall_interiorsThe place is charming and spacious! My favorite spot is by the couch window side, with the relaxing music and the overall look and feel of the place, I’m sure it will be on your top place to hang out whenever you’re in the area. So sorry for the crappy interior shots, was using a telephoto lens.

le_petit_souffle_century_citymall_iced_matcha_latte_with_match_softeeFor my matcha loving friends, this has got to be your ultimate go-to drink. Iced Matcha Latte with Matcha Softee – took one sip and I love the deep flavor from the bold and earthy green tea base and that signature kick of aromatics that reminded me of their oh-so-aweome matcha cookie at Scout’s Honor. and then you pick the teaspoon and scoop more of the matcha goodness from the softee that it’s topped with. SO GOOD!

le_petit_souffle_century_city_mall_japanese_curry_squash_soupA Japanese Curry Squash Soup to warm you up, a flavor combination that makes sense with the slightly sweet and creamy kobacha base and that kick from the curry in the background. Then you hit the chopped nuts that gives it a nice contrast and crunch in texture. Found myself longing for a piece of bread to mop and soak all the bits and pieces at the bottom of my bowl.

le_petit_souffle_century_city_sesame_crusted_tuna_salad le_petit_souffle_century_city_sesame_crusted_tuna_salad2Now it’s no secret that I’m really not a fan of salads but this is very good! Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad is a must-try at Le Petit Souffle, imagine generous pieces of tuna crusted with a mixture of sesame seeds for that flavor and crunch and the dressing for the greens? roasted sesame with the slightest hint of wasabi, this is so good! One of the few times where I wanted to finish a whole serving of a salad to myself and it still left me wanting for more.

le_petit_souffle_century_citymall_mac_and_cheese_foie_gras le_petit_souffle_century_citymall_mac_and_cheese_foie_gras2Now for a sinfully indulgent treat, their Mac & Foie of mac and cheese in all its gooey and cheesy goodness with some mushrooms and smoky sausages mixed in giving it much flavor and texture and then you hit the caramelized crumb topping and those pieces of pefectly seared foie gras, so good! I must warn you this pasta dish is quite rich and you might want to share.

le_petit_souffle_century_citymall_mall_squid_ink_riceI was nearing a state of food coma since I had all these dishes to myself but Miko insisted that I try their Squid Ink Rice and I’m so glad I did! Imagine light and fluffy japanese rice (?) tossed in squid ink for that color and rich flavor it’s then topped with some umami in the mushrooms and a number of seafood – squid, shrimp, and scallops. Then there’s also that creamy scrambled egg that’s so good with the rice. This is NOT for sharing, you’ll want all its deliciousness in your mouth and into your tummy, it’s that good! Another must-try!

Like a prologue of the sweet tooth treats, I tried their French Toast first to ease down after the very rich pasta dish

le_petit_souffle_century_citymall_mall_french_toastFrench Toast for your comfort food fix of light and fluffy bread caramelized on the edges and light, creamy, and fluffy as you bite into it since it’s dipped in a custard. Then you pour over some of that maple syrup and some sweetened whipped cream and it’s all good.

le_petit_souffle_century_city_mall_salted_egg_and_caramel_parfaitThis is very good!!!

Le Petit Souffle‘s Salted Duck Egg and Caramel Parfait is genius! imagine layers of salted duck egg custard, almond dacquoise, cream, granola and peanut brittle, vanilla softee, and caramel sauce. Really what makes this dessert so good is that custard, they really, really perfected it – now most often than not when I try those salted egg custard buns it’s just sweet and it’s more like a texture thing with that grit and grainy mouthfeel reminiscent of the salted duck egg. But the custard that they used for this parfait had the flavor of the salted egg’s yolk spot on. and then you add in the other flavor and texture components making one badass parfait.

le_petit_souffle_century_city_mall_valrhona_grand_crus2For the chocolate lovers and if you want to spoil yourself to a wonderful and indulgent chocolate sweet tooth treat, don’t miss on their Valrhona Grand Crus!

le_petit_souffle_century_city_mall_valrhona_grand_crusOh those layers of pure chocolate bliss, they don’t scrimp on the quality of the chocolate on this one and the serving is just enough as the base of the cake is really rich and decadent. Imagine a cake that’s delightfully fudge-y and chocolaty served on a bed of vanilla cream anglaise, this is so good!!!! From the warm vanilla cream and those layers of chocolate goodness, each bite will be heaven in your mouth!!!
I was very impressed with the desserts and sweet tooth treats that I tried during the preview of Le Petit Souffle, really, really looking forward for the souffle and will definitely come back for more, they’ll be serving both sweet and savory variants as well as a frozen souffle so I’m very excited for that. The savory dishes are quite good too, that Mac & Foie, Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad, and Squid Ink Rice are a must-try! The restaurant will open around 2nd week of April, a new restaurant to add on your MUST-TRY list. Congratulations again to Chefs Miko Aspiras and Kristine Lotilla as well as Charlie and Anna Paw and the rest of the team for another solid concept.

UPDATE: Tried some of their souffle during the first day of their soft-opening and they are fantastic!!!


MATCHA SOUFFLE PANCAKE – light matcha souffle pancake dusted with icing sugar and matcha powder served with creme anglaise and maple syrup

le_petit_souffle_century_citymall_matcha_pancake_souffle2This one is really good! A fantastic hybrid of pancakes and souffle, japanese-style and delightfully fluffy. It’s served warm and is best eaten with a dollop of that vanilla bean creme anglaise and maple syrup! Of course I got to get some more of that matcha softee.

le_petit_souffle_century_citymall_matcha_softeeThey use the same base for this Matcha Softee, it’s a nice combination of earthy flavor and aroma and the texture is just so smooth and velvety.


VALRHONA GUNAJA 70% DARK CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE with vanilla creme anglaise


It’s no secret that I’m partial to dark chocolate, I just prefer its bold flavor that’s not too sweet. This souffle is a fantastic sweet tooth treat for the chocoholic – so light and fluffy and with that vanilla creme anglaise, really good!!!

Le Petit Souffle

3rd Floor, Century City Mall, (near Fully Booked)
Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion,
Makati City

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