LIVESTOCK Restaurant: A Haven For All Things PORK

LIVESTOCK Restaurant in Quezon City – A recent discovery, another true mecca for all things PORK. A menu filled with delightful dishes mostly pork (always a good thing in my book). A recent buzz among foodie friends urged us to visit the place; read: crispy pata so tender you can slice it with a popsicle stick. What urged me wasn’t curiosity, it was excitement! A promising take on one of my favorite dish ever, of course I ha to go and try it out.



LIVESTOCK CRACKLING PORK BELLY (P290 – 300g | P490 – 500g | P895 – 1kg) – the most tender pork belly roll stuffed with fresh herbs and roasted until crispy.

I’ve always been a fan of roasted pork belly, I think of it as lechon in a more compact form. Roasting only the belly (which I think is one of the best part of the pork) with fresh herbs gives it traces of that familiar flavor we get from roasted pigs / lechon of the province. And I must say they do this really well, meat that’s perfectly cooked, roasted to pork belly perfection. A halo of trimmings of fat and alternating layers of meat where the marvelous flavors of the herb stuffing have permeated, so flavorful I really enjoyed it even without the sauce. Then to finish things off, you get those nice, insanely crispy bits of skin SO DAMN GOOD!


MELT-IN-YOUR-MOUTH CRISPY PATA (P590) – The crispiest, most tender crispy pata you’ll ever taste. You can even slice it with a popsicle stick

This is truly ONE OF THE BEST DAMN CRISPY PATA I ever had! Meat lovers rejoice! Livestock Restaurant is a heaven for our kind, just looking at the menu will give you so much excitement, seeing all those seemingly good pork dishes that I’m sure you’ll love. Now back to this gorgeous pork trotter, I was really amazed on how the meat was just really, really tender, my jaw almost dropped when they begun cutting this beauty with a popsicle stick, the meat was almost fall of the bone, and very flavorful, while maintaing these nice crispy outer bits, giving a nice crackle to the bite. I tried the meat first without the sauce, and I love how flavorful it was, then I put in a dash of that soy-based concoction for a sauce, giving another layer of flavor and the slightest bit of spice, just enough to further titillate your taste buds. HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH, their Crispy Pata is a must-try!

BACON ICE CREAM SANDWICH (P180) – Ice cream sandiwch of french toasts and caramel bacon

And just as I thought my fondness to this place couldn’t get any higher, we had this for dessert. BACON Ice Cream Sandwich, uh hell yes! Pieces of pilowy sweet french toast exuding their sweet and creamy gooness drizzled with honey and then topped with a vanilla ice studded with caramel bacon, oh yes that gorgeous combination of salty and sweet, warm and cold dessert, a sweet tooth fix that I absolutely couldn’t resist. Must. Get. This. For. DESSERT!

Livestock Restaurant in Sgt. Esguerra Ave., Quezon City is truly a heaven for us carnivores, when craving for anything pork I really think this should be on the top of your list. Do yourself a favor, try their crispy pata and be amazed as well. You’ll definitely sung it praises as much as we did.


Livestock Restaurant, Quezon City

34 Sgt. Esguerra Ave.
Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City
(02) 332-0409

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