Lobby Lounge: Comfort Food and Awesome Desserts

Tried Lobby Lounge of Diamond Hotel recently, got to try some really good comfort food. Good cozy ambiance + chitchat with foodie friends = one awesome dinner.

This is their foie gras macaroon, rich and savory macaroon that got raves from most of us, it’s really good.

Tasteful interiors, yet it had this nice laid back and cozy feel. You get to enjoy this inviting ambiance with some nice meals and of course some really good desserts. 😀

The wide array of signature cakes caught my attention first, I’d love to try everything, a part of me said I want to have desserts first 😀

Truffle Fries (P200)

We can’t pass on this much loved treat, it was as good as ever had a nice tinge of crunch and the truffle oil and a bit of sea salt left me wanting for more. It can be served with either garlic mayonnaise or ketchup.

Foie Gras Macaroon (P150 / piece)

Chef Nick Stoayanov’s signature savory macaroons is a must-try!

Like I said these savory macaroons got raves from all of us. I really enjoyed how the outer layer had this faint hint of crunch but it was chewy as I bite into it, then I hit the filling with the rich foie gras, and man it was awesome. The rich foie gras filling was a nice contrast of the sweet macaroon base. It’s really good, we really liked it, a definite must-try.

Smoked Salmon Caesar (P620)

Prosciutto, soft-boiled egg, Grano Padan0 cheese

Their Smoked Salmon Caesar was really good. We finished the first serving in no time and ended up getting another one. The salmon bits was just nice and the Grana Padano cheese had this slightly sweet flavor with a slight tang the flavor of the cheese complimented the greens and the salmon bits really well.

French Onion Soup (P250)

Emmentale, beef broth, croutons

An old favorite, the soup was definitely rich and comforting. The cheese and croutons helped provide a more interesting texture.

Zucchini Cream Soup (P250)

Parmesan cheese, roasted tomatoes, basil

This one’s provided interesting contrast of flavors. We really liked the crispy Parmesan on top it compliments the soup really well for both flavor and texture. It was definitely a good palate cleanser.

Lamb Pot Pie (P620)

Braised lamb shank, chick peas, rockets

I actually liked their Lam Pot Pie,  the lamb shank is braised with chick peas providing this thick, flavor infused sauce base. The lamb meat was devoid of gaminess which I really like. It’s definitely a hearty and filling comfort food.

Slow-Roasted Beef Belly (P480)

Honey roasted baby carrots, brown rice, horseradish cream.

When I saw the menu, there was this inevitable urge to try this very dish. My love for sinful / pampabata dishes got us ordering for their slow-roasted beef belly, and I was really happy because it certainly did not disappoint. The beef belly meat was scrumptious and packed with flavor, it had a decent meat-to-fat ratio. Took a bit and the meat was so tender it almost melted in my mouth, a very sinful dish that all meat lovers should try. Then I got a bite of the honey roasted baby carrots and it cut down the rich flavor of the meat. Really good stuff.

Spicy Pickled Sardines (P390)
BLT (P475)

Their Spicy Pickled Sardines was good! The tinge of spice from the sardines left me wanting for more. It definitely titillated my taste buds, then I hit the pickles and it balanced off the excess spiciness from the fish. All in all a very nice combination. Their BLT was nice too, a classic ever so enjoyable sandwich fix. To be honest I removed all the veggies and enjoyed the bread and bacon. 😀

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli (P455)

This is a very simple yet enjoyable pasta dish. I love how the creamy component of the ricotta cheese enhanced the flavor of the spinach, As I bite into the ravioli the ricotta and spinach filling oozed out, giving me this nice combination of subtle flavors, then there was pieces of walnuts providing a very nice contrast in texture.

Fresh Tomato Pappardelle (470)

Sausage, forest mushrooms, sage, goat cheese

This one’s a killer pasta dish. I really liked the nice tinge of spice I got from the sauce base and the sausages. Took a bite and I really enjoyed how the rich, spicy sauce enveloped the broad pasta. Loved the meaty bits from the sausage with a nice hint of spice that totally revved up my appetite. Then there’s the goat cheese provided a more interesting flavor for this pasta dish with its slightly tang-y taste.

Lamb Burger (P510)

Moroccan spiced lamb patty, feta and parmesan cheese, harissa yogurt.

When I checked their menu and saw that they also serve the oh-so-awesome Lamb Burger, I got really excited and quickly suggested that we tried it, backing it with some raving recommendations we got this burger and it certainly did not disappoint. The Moroccan spiced patty had this complex flavor (in a good way) there’s a nice hint of spice, then there’s this good combination of flavors from different spices. The patty was juicy and meaty and good! This one’s a definite must-try!

For our sweet endings we tried A LOT of stuff 😀

Sumibi Coffee (P190)

But before all that, how can I have desserts without coffee right? So I tried their Sumibi Coffee, and I was really happy with its great aroma and full bodied flavor.

Vanessa (P250)

Our GM’s favorite! Made of pistachio macaroons and fresh strawberries.

If you’ve read my post about Cake Club, you’d know that I’m a BIG fan of this awesome treat. Big pistachio macaroon stuffed with strawberries and cream. The pistachio macaroon had this faint hint of crunch but it was chewy and nice as you bite into it. Took a bite and I love the refreshing flavor the strawberries with it’s faint tinge of tang, then you hit the cream part that’s not too sweet.

Ispahan (P280)

Homeage to dessert God Pierre Herme, A must try pastry with raspberries, lychee and rose essence.

A very light, refreshing sweet tooth treat. We just love the fruity bits of their Ispahan. Took a bite and I enjoyed the chewy macaroon base then I hit the center the raspberries and lychee won me over with this nice and subtle medley of flavors. I really like that it  was not too sweet and if you’re trying a lot of stuff from their pastry selection, this would be a very good palate cleanser.

Mont Blanc (P250)

A pastry shop staple in Paris and Tokyo, this cake made of fresh chestnut paste, chantilly cream, prunes soaked in dark rum on almond tart is sure to delight.

Their Mont Blanc had this very distinct and interesting flavor. Because the prunes were soaked in dark rum, it has a distinct flavor of rum, it’s like a sweet tooth treat with a kick.  Took a spoonful and I love the chestnut paste then I hit the cream and it balances it off, then there’s the rum flavored bits. It may not appeal to everyone primarily because of the rum flavor but it’s definitely enjoyable and I liked it.

Supermoist Chocolate Cake (P250)

The name says it all, a chocoholic’s must-try cake, we all raved on how good their supermoist chocolate cake was. I really love how rich and moist this cake was. The oh-so-good moist chocolate goodness is encased with this thin slightly chewy chiffon layer. And when you bite into it comes the glorious full chocolate-y goodness.

Le Royale (P250)

Chef Pang Kok Kyeong’s signature cake is made of Valrhona dark chocolate mousse, almond meringue and hazelnut crispy.

I’m a BIG FAN of dark chocolate stuff, and their Le Royale did not disappoint. I just love how it had this rich, pronounced chocolate flavor. Took a bite and I love how rich and moist its dark chocolate mousse was, then I hit the center with the almond meringue and it’s just wonderful. This one’s really good, a definite must-try.

Baked Cheesecake (P250)

Their baked cheesecake was incredibly rich, a cheese-cake lover’s go-to sweet tooth fix. I just love how rich and creamy it was then there’s the nuts on the side that helped make a more interesting texture.

Guia (P250)

The flavors of maple and walnut makes up this rich and creamy cheesecake.

I’m not sure what changed, since I tried Guia before at Cake Club, but this maple and walnut packed cheesecake absolutely blew our minds. That faint hint of maple flavor on the rich and creamy cheesecake base was so good, took a bite and I love the richness in flavor, then I got the walnut bits providing a really good contrast in texture, then I hit the bottom with a nutty peanut-brittle like base. It’s really good and it was definitely a blissful experience munching on it. Again, a definite must-try!


VERDICT: Our dining experience at The Lobby Lounge of Diamond Hotel was definitely a good one, tried some really nice comfort food and some gorgeous pastry stuff that are definitely rave-worthy, some really good stuff. Service was great and I love the laid back and cozy ambiance. Would love to come back there to try some other stuff. The place definitely deserves a return trip.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Depending on what you order, menu items can be a bit pricey, but for the quality of food you’re getting, specially for those lovely desserts, I really think it’s worth it.


The Lobby Lounge

Hotel’s Lobby Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd
Ermita, Manila
(632) 528-3000 ext. 1121

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  1. aargh, this post got me craving for cheesecake. the baked cheesecake looks so promising. so far ang best for me palang are Mary Grace and Purple Oven. The slow-roasted beef belly looks so delicious. the interior reminds me of the manila pen that’s well lit sans the massive head room. it does look cozy.

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