Locavore’s Chef Opens a New Restaurant in BGC: FAT #makemeFAT #FATph

FAT Restaurant – A new awesome concept by the chef of Locavore, one of the more famous restaurant in the Kapitolyo area. I really, really like the concept of this restaurant – unapologetic and heavy on flavor and the same playful interpretations by Chef Mikel Zaguirre, everything we tried for lunch was awesome! From the simple bar mix to the more indulgent main dishes and luscious desserts, FAT has to be one of my favorite new restaurant that opened this year.

FAT_restaurant_bgc_green_tea_chicharonGREEN TEA CHICHARON – Awesome combination of two things that I love – deep fried, crispy pork rind (chicharon) and green tea!!! Big chunks of really crispy and beautifully fried chicharon pieces topped with green tea salt and served with a pickled vegetable relish and an awesome dipping sauce that’s a combination of honey and pinakurat. GOOD!


BAR MIX – 12 spiced nuts / pop corn / powdered sugar / salted caramel / butter

You know it’s going to be an awesome lunch when even the most simple of appetizers – bar mix is good. A great starter dish because of the great combination of flavors and texture – mix together spiced nuts and pop corn dusted with some powedered sugar and then you drizzle some clarified butter and salted caramel. One sticky, sweet and salty delicious mess.


PORK’S EAR EN CROUTE – grilled porks ear / goat cheese / herb oil / mango mayo / saffron aioli / sourdough / pico de gallo

Their Pork’s Ear En Croute is so good!!! A rich starter dish that you wouldn’t want to share. Starts with an awesome base – good sourdough topped with a generous serving of chopped grilled pork’s ear and goat cheese that makes for a decadent base. Then you put some of the greens for some texture and play around the three sauces – I really liked the saffron based aioli and the mango mayonnaise, if you like something more tart though, go for the berry compote.


GRILLED UNAGI SALAD – grilled unagi / beet lavash / mango / pico de gallo / romaine lettuce / sesame dressing / sour cream

FAT_restaurant_bgc_grilled_unagi_salad2It’s rare for me to rave about a salad dish but this Grilled Unagi Salad is really good! From the rich and silky piece of grilled unagi to the layers of flatbread and veggies with the different sauces making this a nice cross between a taco and salad with the crispy lavash pieces and the flavor combination. A right balance of flavor and interesting texture makes this a salad dish that’s actually fun to eat.


SALMON & UNI PASTA – seashell pasta / capers / parmesan / arugula / 64 degree egg / uni / sous vide salmon / crispy salmon skin

Two things I love – salmon and uni in one awesome pasta dish! The pasta pieces were cooked well and still had nice texture to the bite, it was like these little pockets of flavor where the sauce base of uni and the yolk from the egg adheres to everything making things infinitely more creamy and flavorful. Then you hit the salmon fillet that’s perfectly cooked and some crispy salmon skin – SO GOOD!!!


DUCK BURGER – pimenton dusted duck patty / foie gras / sriracha mayo / red onion and orange salad / gruyere / emmenthal

This is one badass burger! Between the perfectly cooked duck patty and the mixture of cheese that it’s topped with and that piece of seared foie gras and the slight hint of spice from the sriracha, if you love burgers this one is a must-try!


MORROCAN SPICED CHICKEN FILLET – grilled chicken fillet / spanakopita / cherry tamato / sour cream / pico de gallo

A very simple chicken dish of a piece of grilled chicken fillet with a unique savory spice blend sitting on top of a puff-pasty filled with cheese and spinach then you hit it with some pico de gallo and sour cream giving it more flavor and a much more interesting texture. The piece of chicken was really good it got me craving for some rice.


BACON BAKLAVA – phyllo pastry / pistachio / almonds / maple glazed bacon / brown butter ice cream

The bacon component here is a more for texture – a piece of candied (?) maple glazed bacon is sitting in between the puff pastry layers and then you hit the combination of nuts and devour everything with some brown butter ice cream.

FAT_restaurant_bgc_flourless_chocolate_cakeFLOURLESS DARK CHOCOLATE CAKE – praline mousse / creme chantilly / creme anglaise

A nice rich and velvety mousse that’s dark and chocolaty and then you hit the cream layer – it’s an great treat to us chocoholics and would pair really well with a nice cup of strong brewed coffee. Love the creamy mouth-feel and the dark chocolate component on this one.


CHOUX DONUTS – cream puff donuts / creme anglaise / banana / nutella / chocolate espresso sauce

Now this is really good! So simple but my absolute favorite from the desserts that we tried. Donuts that’s nice and toasted on the outside but soft and creamy as you bite into it, then you hit the warm banana stuffing and you dip it with the different sauces. I’m partial to nutella so I really liked that but the bitter-sweet flavor from the chocolate espresso sauce went really well with the donuts too!

We had an amazing dining experience at FAT, like I said this is definitely one of my favorite new restaurant that opened this year with the food this good, I’m sure they’ll find a lot of patrons in the BGC area.

FAT Restaurant

Forbes Town Center,
29th Street Corner Rizal Drive,
Bonifacio Global City
09175791936 / 028348600
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