Locavore in Kapitolyo: The Hype is Real

LOCAVORE KAPITOLYO– There’s been a big buzz over this restaurant, a lot of raves even with foodies whose opinion and palate I believe and respect so finally we decided to go. A mini food crawl around the area with E, L, and SP, Locavore was our first top. One big mistake that we made is not calling for reservations for our visit, you see the restaurant fills up fast, specially on the weekends and while they do accept walk-ins, most often than not it’ll only be the al fresco dining area that’s available for diners without reservation.


The menu was interesting filled with seemingly familiar, playful takes on the classic Filipino dishes. We only tried three dishes here, keeping in mind that we had other stops for this mini food crawl that day, we started with their LECHON AND OYSTER SISIG. Now I’m not going to lie, I’m not really a fan of oysters, I find its flavor too strong and I was a bit hesitant with how it will pair with the crispy pork bits. But I was pleasantly surprised! Instead of the oyster overpowering everything, its flavor has been sort of toned down just enough to compliment the other components. I took a bite and what I got is the same crispy, decadent sisig goodness that we all love but as you go through it you find these traces of richness in the background, that’s the oyster bits doing its thing. SO GOOD and perfect with lots of rice.


BONELESS LECHON BELLY – Ala Cebu Lechon / Pinakurat / Bagoong Dipping Sauce / Pickled Red Onion and Cucumber

I’m so glad both E and I are shameless meat lovers, we wanted to try most of the pampabata dishes on the menu and this is one of them. I really, really liked their BONELESS LECHON BELLY! The pieces of meat had this gorgeous meat to fat ratio, with the fatty bits so tender and some of it almost melts in your mouth, then you finish it off with that super good crackling. The meat was really good as is, but is also good with the pinakurat dipping sauce, the bright flavor from the strong vinegar just highlights the goodness of the fatty bits. This is really good too! A more rice, more fun kind of dish. Definitely not for sharing if you love and take your pork seriously.


SIZZLING SINIGANG – Beef Short Ribs/Sauteed French Beans/Sampaloc Gravy/Garlic Confit.

Now this very dish is the reason why I pushed for a stop at Locavore for our food crawl, you see I’m a sucker for good sinigang and the thought of a deconstructed one served a sizzling pan and sampaloc gravy really got me drooling, a number of rave posts on my social media feeds got me curious and excited to try their playful take on sinigang. It did not disappoint! It was really good!! While purists will bat an eye, I absolutely loved it. I think like most of Locavore’s food that we tried, it is inspired and they try to push the boundaries of good Filipino food staples but they still respect it and they recreate it in a way that you’ll still enjoy it. Now the combination of the really tender short ribs and the french beans with that sampaloc gravy was just fantastic! The flavor profile is absolutely like our traditional sinigang but of course with a more creamy mouth-feel because of the gravy. This dish is a must-try! And is absolutely perfect with a lot of steaming, fluffy white rice!

I really liked the food that we tried in LOCAVORE KAPITOLYO, now I understand the hype, it’s like a perfect storm of good food, service and ambiance. Perhaps the only regret is not being able to try all the dishes that I want since this was only our first stop, I’m surely going back for more.


Brixton Technology Center,
10 Brixton Street,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
(02) 246-9069 ext:275
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