Lolo Dad’s Café in Malate, Manila – A Culinary Gem – Splurge and Indulge

Lolo Dad’s Café in Malate, Manila — A culinary gem tucked right in the center on one of the city’s most busy areas. A place dedicated to dish out some of the most delectable, well-plated entrees; unparalleled quality of food is expected from their gold medal winning kitchen spear headed by Master Chef Ariel Manuel. This is definitely a place for special occasions, for that wonderful dinner with your other half, or anytime you’d want to splurge and indulge with some really good food.


Duck Confit — so good it’s kind of depressing, gorgeous piece of duck leg slow cooked to perfection, with the meat really tender falling off the bone, it also yields the crispiest skin. Packed with amazing flavor, it’s to be paired with a foie gras rice; an explosion of flavor and texture that’s sure to please anyone’s palate.


Some of the best things in life is free, holds true with these amazing freshly baked bread and butter. Warm bread soft and comforting, then you hit it with the butter melting on its hot surface, it gives these little notes of garlic and herbs.

As I go through the menu, there’s a lot of things that I’d love to try, with every section filled with some seemingly promising dishes, I wish I could try them all, we’re perplexed in what appetizer dish to try so we got a sampler of their appetizers served family style.


ALL FROM THE ABOVE (P1,960) — Tasting portion of all the appetizer items and served in family style.


Staring off with their Cioppino a sip of this little cup got me admiring the delicate soup of various crustaceans and fish. The Romaine Salad was quite nice too, with some crispy pancetta bits and chorizo giving off a nice spike in texture and flavor. And then that 8-minute egg! Oh glorious beauty of golden yolk bleeding out its creamy goodness binding the salad and all its components together.


Perhaps one of the most amazing things I came across for quite some time. Ahi Tuna Loin and Marinated Salmon on Grilled Watermelon — of varying flavors and texture, I’m amazed with the succulent pieces of fish giving the simplest of flavors, slightly savory it’s perfectly paired with that little piece of grilled watermelon, with such a tiny portion of this appetizer I was so close on ordering for another one, it’s really good! A definite must-try.


Soft Shell Crab Fritters with Cucumber and Mango Salad is another beauty crispy soft shell crab bits sitting in a delicate cucumber and mango salad. I also tried a bit of their Gourmet Salad a mesclun of greens with prawns, mushrooms, and olives enveloped by a simple tomato-based vinaigrette.


Oh just look at it! Gorgeous piece of Seared Duck Liver on a Pear Confit. A piece of perfectly cooked liver, succulent, delicate. And then you hit it with the pear confit and the whole thing just melts in your mouth. A complex combination of flavors, a little bit of heaven.


From one gorgeous foie gras dish to another, this time a terrine sitting on a cranberry campote. Another beautiful rapport of the savory and fatty foie gras bits and the fruity and tart campote, it’s amazing. Last of the bunch I tried this sauteed Jumbo Scallop and Black Tiger Prawn, a combination that makes so much sense, just plain good.

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