Lolo Dad’s Café in Malate, Manila – A Culinary Gem – Splurge and Indulge


In between courses they serve this simple and really good intermezzo, a Calamansi Sorbet the right combination of fruity and tartness that’s truly a perfect palate cleanser. Oh and it’s served in this little pot and it emits this steam, dramatic and good.

For the main course I was truly torn between their Duck Confit and Rack of Lamb, and then I figured I came to Lolo Dad’s Café to splurge and indulge so what the… I got them both!! 😀


HERB DE PROVENCE CRUSTED RACK OF LAMB (P1,525 – regular portion | P915 – modest portion) — Three cheese risotto (Roquefort, Gruyere and Parmesan), forty melted garlic and tomato confit

lolo_dads_cafe_rack_of_lamb1 lolo_dads_cafe_rack_of_lamb2

Gorgeous pieces of Rack of Lamb, dry rubbed with a mixture of herbs and spices the crust gives you that awesome spike of flavor and then you hit the meat, with the fatty bits really tender and the meat giving little to no resistance, it was fantastic. Then there’s the three cheese risotto, a the combination of the three cheeses gives this wonderful distinct flavor that’s a great pair with the rack of lamb.



CONFIT OF DUCK LEG IN SPICED FAT AND GLAZED ROAST DUCK BREAST (P1,525) — With Stir Fry Foie Gras Rice and Lavender Jus

lolo_dads_cafe_confit_of_duck_leg1 lolo_dads_cafe_confit_of_duck_leg2

BEST. Duck Confit. Ever!!!

A confit of duck leg cooked on its own fat, the meat was really tender and flavorful and it just falls off the bone, also it yields the crispiest skin, it’s like there’s no trace of fat on it.The perfect combination of that wonderful flavorful meat and crispy skin! Fantastic and ethereal, I couldn’t ask for more. And just as I thought the happiness this very dish brought to me can’t get any greater, I tried to pair it with the foie gras rice…


Rice that’s stir fried with mushrooms and nuts gives those wonderful layers of flavor and texture to it, and then you hit those gorgeous, gorgeous pieces of foie gras it’s really, really good. Umami goodness overload!

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