Lolo Dad’s Café in Malate, Manila – A Culinary Gem – Splurge and Indulge

When dining at Lolo Dad’s Café , one top tip; save room for desserts! All were promising, so we tried them all too! Ah happiness!


DARK CHOCOLATE AND ALMOND LAYERED CAKE (P290 – regular portion | P180 – modest portion) — Quenelle of White Chocolate Mousseline and Very Berry Ice Cream.

lolo_dads_cafe_dark_chocolate_and_almond_layered_cake1 lolo_dads_cafe_dark_chocolate_and_almond_layered_cake2

First off, these are some of the best plated desserts I’ve seen bar none. Started with their Dark Chocolate and Almond Layered Cake, layers of happiness dark chocolate and almonds make for a wonderful combination, partial to dark chocolate, I absolutely loved this sweet tooth treat! The rich dark chocolate base is balanced with some fruity bits, a mix of berries and that tart ice cream.


FROZEN MANGO TERRINE WITH DEEP FRIED BEIGNETS (P290 – regular portion | P200 – modest portion) — Rose Syrup and Cheese Ice Cream.

lolo_dads_cafe_frozen_mango_terrine_with_deep_fried_beignets1 lolo_dads_cafe_frozen_mango_terrine_with_deep_fried_beignets2




FROZEN MANGO TERRINE WITH DEEP FRIED BEIGNETS (P290 – regular portion | P200 – modest portion) — Rose Syrup and Cheese Ice Cream

I absolutely love this one! The mango terrine, fruity and sweet. Then I tried those little flower shaped beignets, giving off a nice crunch to the bite and filled with creamy goodness, the filling bursts in your mouth as you bite into it. And to top it off the cheese ice cream, mild and a bit savory it’s a perfect compliment to the fruity bits.


WHITE CHOCOLATE AND VANILLA PANNA COTTA (P290 – regular portion | P200 – modest portion) — With Fresh Berries and Young Coconut and Lychee Granite on Passionfruit Chilled Soup

lolo_dads_cafe_white_chocolate_and_vanilla_panna_cotta1 lolo_dads_cafe_white_chocolate_and_vanilla_panna_cotta2

Of white chocolate and vanilla panna cotta, these cups of creamy goodness melt as soon as it enters your mouth. Then you hit the coconut and lychee sorbet, it’s texture is not as fine, more like a sorbetto, it’s quite nice if you eat it with the creamy panna cotta bits, and all of it is bathed in this passion fruit and berry soup base, fruity and a bit tart.


SAMPLER OF CHOCOLATES (P430- regular portion | P340 – modest portion) — White Chocolate Off-mold Brulee, Dark Chocolate Terrine, Chocolate Flan and White Chocolate and Caramel Ice Cream



Oh would you look at that!!! My platter of happiness, a sampler of their chocolate treats! It’s no secret that I’m a shameless chocoholic and I absolutely loved everything on this plate! A source of unwavering happiness that’s not meant for sharing! As they tried to get a forkfull of these beauties, I gave them this fierce look, screaming GET YOUR OWN! As I go through them I was in a trance trying to make these little sounds of appreciation at a minimum. Personal favorites are the dark chocolate terrine and the chocolate flan. Pure chocolate indulgence that would give anyone utter bliss. This one’s a must-try!

I had one amazing dining experience at Lolo Dad’s Café in Malate, Manila, the quality of food is stellar so is the service from the staff, you come here to indulge and splurge on good food. The common notion to fine dining; small plates and you leave the place still starving is not true for this awesome place, they have bigger servings than most fine dining places I’ve tried. The menu items are pricey, yes but you’re paying for quality stuff here, it’s really worth every cent.


Lolo Dad’s Café

Malate, Manila
899 Pres. Quirino Avenue cor Leon Guinto Street
(02) 522-2941
Official Website
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