Drinks at the Long Bar

Recently Fairmont and Raffles Hotel opened at the Ayala Center, and I’ve wanted to try the new restaurants that they launched with it. One of them is the Long bar. A casual dining place that serves amazing beverages along with a really nice laid back ambiance.

Complimentary nuts for the drink, and you might think why would I use this as the cover picture for the post right? Well there’s this nice story behind it. There are a total of 9 Raffles Hotel now and we’re only the second one to have a Long Bar, nice right? As for the story behind the nuts, Long Bar originated in Singapore that’s a communist country. And they have this tradition at the Long Bar there to throw the nut shells on the floor after munching on it, at the bar it’s a free zone, they can do everything they want and stuff so for them it’s rather a simple rebellious act, Cool!

The bar had this nice comfy and laid back ambiance, you can sit and shoot drinks at the long bar or opt to take a more relaxed drinking session on their couches. The place is really inviting with some interesting art pieces.

Long Bar’s Menu: Signature Cocktails, Inspired Classics, Creative Signatures(1), Creative Signatures(2), Non-Alcoholic, Wine by the Glass(1), Wine by the Glass(2), Bottled and Draught Beer, Vodka and Gin, Whisky, Scotch and Single Malt, Rum and Tequila, Cognac, Soda and Fresh Juice, Still and Sparkling Water, Signature Tea and Brewed Coffee, Daily Special Menu, Special Menu(2), Dessert

We tried some really good cocktails munched on some nuts and had wonderful conversation with friends. As much as I want to try stuff from their special menu and promising dessert selection, We’re planned a dinner at SPECTRUM, Raffles Hotel’s buffet place I didn’t get any.

Classic Singapore Sling (P380)

Tanqueray Gin, Cherry Heering, Cointreau, Fresh Lemon and Pineapple, Angostura Bitters topped with a whisper of Benedictine.

Long Bar’s famed signature cocktail, the Classic Singapore Sling. The hint of lemon and pineapple makes for this citrus-y tartness to the taste. Although it’s like a fruit juice it definitely packs a punch because after a few rounds I could really feel the alcohol kicking in. Good stuff.

Makati Luxury Sling (P680)

Tanqueray Ten, Cherry Blossom, Grand Marnier, Benedictine, Lime and Pineapple Juices, Angostura Foam, 24k gold.

Get some of the finest ingredients in one cocktail, like the name suggest, it’s luxury in a tall glass. Same refreshing flavor with the faint tartness of pineapple and lime and packs a punch with a kick of Tanqueray Ten and Grand Marnier. It’s foamy, fruity and the 24k gold flakes, though tasteless adds a nice dimension of texture into it.

Guava Cosmopolitan (P380)

Belvedere Vodka, Fresh Lime, Local Pink Guava, Cranberry.

The ladies loved this, a rather perfect Ladies Drink with its fruity flavor. Very juice-like and refreshing, it’s like there’s no alcohol added to it, I can’t even get a faint hint of flavor from the vodka,  really good stuff.

Pineda Mojito (P380)

Havana Club 3 Anos Rum, Fresh Lime, Thai Basil and Mint, Mandarin Orange, topped with Soda Bubbles.

This Mojito will take you on a journey of flavor, Don’t stop believin’…

This is probably my favorite of the cocktails we tried, primarily because I love mojitos. Named after the famous Filipino Vocalist that took over a spot on the band Journey, Arnel Pineda. They have a number of beverages that’s named after some famous local personalities,  and this is one of them, the mojito was light in flavor with some distinct flavors from the basil and mint, I absolutely loved it.


VERDICT:  The Long Bar of Raffles Makati offers an array of killer cocktails and beverages, we really liked the stuff that we tried and they serve the good stuff here, coupled with a very nice ambiance and amazing conversation with some of my friends, we had a wonderful time at this place and really excited to go back there and try some other stuff, not only the alcoholic drinks but some promising items on their special menu and dessert offerings. 😀

VALUE FOR MONEY: The cocktails here are a bit pricey but they’ll be serving you the good stuff, and the service is impeccable so I guess it’s really worth it.


The Long Bar, Raffles Makati

1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue
Makati City, 1224
Raffles Makati Facebook Page