At Lorenzo's Way, Taste Matters!

We had dinner at this awesome place at Greenbelt, where they feature different signature dishes from LJC Restaurants, so we were more than excited to try a bunch of stuff.

The place was nice, accentuated with a couple of wooden pieces that gives it that homey feel. Though the tasteful interiors may not appeal to yuppies. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a picture of the place. (telephoto lens dilemma, wide shots = fail)

We started off with their Crispy Baby Squid and Gambas.

Crispy Baby Squid (P175)

Baby squid fried until crispy, served with a sweet chili sauce, from Bistro Remedios

It’s a nice starter dish, did a good job in titillating my taste buds, the baby squid pieces were seasoned just right and cooked to a crisp. The sweet and chili sauce went well with it, balancing off the saltiness of the squid.

Gambas (P320)
Gambas (P320)

Spanish style shrimps sauteed with garlic in olive oil, from Cafe Adriatico

Shrimp lovers will love this one! It’s simple and tastes really good. The shrimps were juicy and tender when you bite into it and that tinge of garlic flavor is really nice.

For the love of pampabata dishes, we did indulge πŸ˜‰

Knock-out Knuckles (P595)
Knock-out Knuckles (P595)

Crispy fried pork leg with their original fried garlic chili oil from Bistro Remedios.

It’s not the prettiest / well-plated crispy pata dish that I’ve seen but it tasted really good! That hint of spiciness left me wanting for more. And I also love that the fatty pieces were cooked to a beautiful crisp and is very chicharon-like. (fried pork rind) This one’s definitely a must-try!

US Top Blade Bordelaise (P495)

Served with some veggies and mashed potato, this one’s quite nice. The bordelaise sauce gave it more yummy goodness with it’s rich flavor (red wine and bone marrow awesomeness)

Binukadkad na Pla-pla (P395)

Deep fried whole tilapia served with Pampanga style fermented rice or balo-balo and fresh mustard leaves, originally from Malate’s Bistro Remedios

Again it’s not the prettiest tilapia dish that I’ve seen, but it’s quite nice. The fish by itself was lightly seasoned, and you might want to try it with the balo-balo to give it a more interesting flavor. Though the fermented rice dip (balo-balo) might not appeal to some because of the smell, I’d still suggest that you try it with the fish, it’s really a nice combination.

Race Course Road Fish Curry (P395)

Singapore style spicy curry with Dory fish fillet, from ang hang days

With all the savory and pampabataΒ dishes that we had, this one’s nice way to spice things up. Loved that mild curry taste and the hint of spiciness was just nice. The dory fish fillet was cooked just right.

We paired everything with their Bamboo Rice πŸ˜€

Bamboo Rice (P240)
Bamboo Rice (P240)

Fried rice with bamboo shoots, shrimps, chicken and wood ear mushrooms from Abe.

When it was served it emitted this wonderful aroma that enthused us to dive in and munch on all the food that we got. And plus points for the presentation. This is one loaded fried rice with shrimps and chicken, it went well with the other dishes that we got.


VERDICT:Β We had a great time at Lorenzo’s Way, some of the dishes we got maybe not the prettiest / well-plated ones that I’ve seen but they all tasted good. The place would be ideal for family gatherings and if you want to dine with large groups.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Okay-good value for money you’d get good food at a reasonable price, and some dishes are actually good for sharing so that’s a plus.


Lorenzo’s Way, Greenbelt 5

G/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 729-0047
Facebook Page


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  1. i love crispy knock out knuckles and i want to have a taste of their bamboo rice, be visiting the place one of these days πŸ™‚

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