Lunch at La Grotta

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Went to La Grotta Cucina Italiana for lunch

There’s a lot of restaurants that I want to try, often the problem is my feebleness in places and directions 🙁

Fortunately one of my office-mates, Carlo, knows the place so off we went. It’s just a few blocks away from our office, went there a little bit early so I roam around and took pictures.

I had Prosciutto Melone and Tagliatelle Di Tartufo Crudo. Carlo opted to go for their Scalleta Napoleatana and Ravioli Porcini.

Prosciutto Melone (P300)
Prosciutto Melone (P300)

When I ordered this for my antipasti (appetizer) I imagined it to be the usual melon balls wrapped in prosciutto.

It was served with slices of melon, prosciutto, and some olives and greens. It’s one of those salty-sweet dishes that I like. I did finish the prosciutto first, I just can’t help it! 😛

Scalleta Napoletana (P280)

Carlo’s Scalleta Napoletana shares the same olives and greens with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese.

Tagliatelle Di Tartufo Crudo (P390)
Tagliatelle Di Tartufo Crudo (P390)

Our pasta dishes looked very similar, he suggested not to take picture of his pasta dish since it’s almost alike.

Their Tagliatelle Di Tartufo Crudo is flat pasta served in white sauce with truffle oil, it has porcini mushrooms and parma ham in it. I really liked it, when it was served the aroma of the truffle oil and the fresh ground pepper took over me I went –> 😯

I really can’t say if the serving could be shared for two, but it did fill me up.

Carlo said his Ravioli Porcini is not of the same quality when they tried it last, he slightly ranted that it was better the last time he tried it, but it’s still good. Their Ravioli Porcini is a porcini mushroom filled ravioli with funghi cream sauce.

I wanted to have panna cotta for dessert, but was quite full and decided to pass on the sweets.

VERDICT: La Grotta Cucina Italiana offers quality dishes, I think it’s one of those hole-in-the-wall restaurants that people usually miss. It’s definitely a good find, and is really worth a return trip!

VALUE FOR MONEY: It’s a bit on the pricey side, but the quality of food your getting is great, add that to the awesome service and homey feel of the restaurant and you’ll get a pleasurable dining experience for your money

we did came early it was before lunch time, I’d like to try the place out on a busy dinner period and see if they can uphold the quality of service.


La Grotta Cucina Italiana, Makati City

Angelus Medical Bldg., V.A. Rufino., Legaspi Village
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 894-1320

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