Lunch with Dad at Vikings

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It’s my Dad’s special day and I wanted to have lunch with him, just the two of us. So I insisted that he try Vikings.

I think it’s imperative that you make a reservation for restaurants like this, specially when it’s new and there’s still that hype, where almost everybody wants to try that new buffet place. What I like about Vikings is their wide selection of food items that’s quite comparable to those expensive hotel buffets. The interiors are quite endearing, and the servers were quite courteous and attentive.

Vikings Personnel at the Food Station

Table Number

Each table has a number that is in a small shield which I think is quite cool btw. There are a total of four food stations in the restaurant, that is quite distant from each other. But since we arrived a bit late and I was really starving I decided to skip the appetizers and get to the good stuff 😀

Some of the meat choices; lechon, beef tenderloin, lamb (For grilling)

I started with their fish fingers with a bit of garlic ranch, some sausages and tenderloin which I drizzled with their truffle sauce. And since I love their tenderloin cuts I repeatedly went to their grilling stations to get some. (There’s a line and you can only get three slices of meat, choice of lamb, lechon, and tenderloin) I usually prefer it well done but the cook suggested medium well since thoroughly cooking it might cause it to be like your flip-flops and said I might not be able to eat it.

seafood for grilling
stuff we ordered for grilling

My dad really enjoyed the seafood items for grilling as well as the oysters. The last time I tried Vikings was December and at that time there was Diwalin their seafood section, what’s sad though was the availability was limited and other items were not available towards the end of the buffet.

sushi and rolls

I did munch on a few of their rolls and loved their chawanmushi. We also tried their dumplings I liked their hakaw and cuapao.

my dessert platter 😀
brewed coffee

Lastly I finished it off with a couple of mousse some brownies and those marshmallows dipped in chocolate. Since they also have brewed coffee I got it with an additional espresso shot for that extra punch. The coffee wasn’t all that great but I’d still opt for coffee with my dessert platter rather than juice or soda. My Dad was so full he just got fresh fruits for dessert 😀


VERDICT: Vikings offer good buffet experience with a wide selection of food items that’s quite comparable to hotel buffets. When you go there try not to be late to avoid the hassle of waiting for a vacant table (if you haven’t made a reservation) and so that you’d have the chance to try specific food items that frequently ran out of stock. (like Diwal) My tip for everyone that wants to make the most out of eating in buffets is to first look for food items that you’d really want to eat, there’s a lot of food items here and you might not be able to try them all. Next is look for those high priced items, things you don’t normally eat and is damn expensive when you go to other restaurants. And lastly leave space in your tummy for desserts and those last minute cravings.
VALUE FOR MONEY: With P698 plus 10% service charge for their lunch buffet, Vikings offer a competitive price against other buffets out there, The quality of food is above average and I think it’s really worth every penny. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Vikings: Luxury Buffet Restaurant, San Miguel by the Bay

Bldg. B, San Miguel by the Bay, Seaside Blvd. Pasay City, Metro Manila Philippines (02) 846-3888

6 thoughts on “Lunch with Dad at Vikings”

  1. Hi! We ate there last night, and it was a disappointing experience…we were sitted at the tempura station, and we saw the person manning it, picking up a tempura ebi with his bare hands thinking that nobody saw him and sabay talikod sa dining area and gobbled it down..ngeh…i just made it a laughing experience with my kids kahit na sabi ko sa sarili ko, i will never get again tempura..overall, i will never come back there..aga namin dumating, mga 4pm kasi baka mahaba pila tapos yung mga dumating minutes from530pm at tumayo sa main door was the ones who was accommodated first..gutom na kaya mga anak ko kasi i told them to savor sana the food and the place..

    1. Hi May, that’s unfortunate you had a bad dining experience at Vikings, which branch did you go to? Consistency in quality of food and service seems weak for most non-hotel buffets these days.

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