LUZVIMINDA: Filipino Food Festival at F1 Hotel’s All-Day Dining Buffet

F1 Hotel Manila recently launched LUZVIMINDA – a month-long Filipino food festival showcasing the best of the various regions in the country. Spearheaded by F1’s very own executive chef, Sau Del Rosario. They also got some really talented chefs to represent the other regions as well. A buffet spread prepared by some of the country’s best culinary minds using the freshest local ingredients, mostly organic. This food festival will run for the whole month of June.


This is Chef Sau Del Rosario‘s Sisig with Foie Gras – A fantastic take on a classic kapampangan dish, oh fatty sinful sisig bits with a nice crisp topped with succulent pieces of foie gras – meaty, fatty, sinful, GOOD!

Aside from the hotel’s resident chefs, four more experienced ones joined their roster to whip up some really good dishes for the spread; Martin Jickain of Station Juan Cafe fame, for the Visayas region, there’s Paul Sidney Uy and Karl Noel (Casa Verde), and for the Mindanao region, a veteran chef and hotelier; Ed Tuazon (Marco Polo – Davao).

– The Buffet Spread –

f1_hotel_buffet_1Pomelo, Green Mango and Shrimp in Bagoong sa Gata (Minda) and Pako Salad with Salted Egg and Shrimp

f1_hotel_buffet_3Tinapa Sushi, Green Mango with Bagoong Sushi and Maya Maya Mayonesa .

f1_hotel_buffet_2Tomato and Salted Egg Salad (Luz) and Ensalatang Talong

f1_hotel_buffet_4Salmon and Tuna Sashimi

f1_hotel_buffet_5Prawns and Mussels

f1_hotel_buffet_11Oysters and Baked Mussels

f1_hotel_buffet_6Filipino Vegetable Lumpia, Vegetable Okoy, and Pinakbet (Luzon)

Oh and I had to stop for a while at the carving station as I’m mesmerized by these awesome meaty, sinful dishes

f1_hotel_buffet_7 f1_hotel_buffet_10Bagnet and Roasted Organic Lechon (Arugula Fed)

f1_hotel_buffet_8Beef Rib-Eye Pochero (Luzon) and Adobong Baboy Bisaya Style (Visayas)

f1_hotel_buffet_9Bagaybay with Alavar Sauce (Mindanao) and Gising-Gising (Luz)

f1_hotel_buffet_12Mindanao’s Tuna Sisig

f1_hotel_buffet_13Crispy Fried Catfish with Spicy Pumpkin and Coconut Cream (Mindanao) and Chilli Crabs Boracay Style (Visayas)

f1_hotel_buffet_14Banana Turon with Sesame (Luz) and Traditional Leche Flan (Luz)

f1_hotel_buffet_15and the DURIAN PANNA COTTA!!!

With all that seemingly good food at the buffet spread, one might be overwhelmed and torn between so many dishes and where to start, well I decided to start the feast by gorging on those two sinful dishes at the carving station, Bagnet and Lechon for starters? A YES!


Meaty, fatty, sinful, good! – There’s no holding back, started with the pampabata dishes right away, I first tried the Bagnet and loved that crispy, chewy fatty outer bits then you hit the succulent meat, tried it with a bunch of sauces and dips and I love how they further highlighted the flavor of the meat. Then there’s the Lechon, organic and arugula fed. But honestly I really don’t pay attention to those nuances, my only concern is the lechon good? Well, it was! Crunchy fatty skin that’s really packed with flavor and then you hit the succulent meat, ah bliss. The meat was quite flavorful that I really enjoyed it even without the sauce. Good stuff!

f1_hotel_buffet_plate_1I also tried their Adobong Baboy Bisaya Style, it’s not your usual adobo, it’s marinated overnight so that the flavors are well infused on the meat and then fried the next day. It’s definitely a more rice, more fun type of dish. The meat was really flavorful, it’s as if every strand was packed with that amazing flavor, it’s the type of dish that will left you longing, and wanting for more.

f1_hotel_buffet_sisig_foie_gras_posterAn attempt to elevate a classic kapampangan dish, though I might be partial about this since it’s like two of my favorite things packed in an entrée. Sisig + Foie Gras – Sinful, fatty, and really, really good!

f1_hotel_buffet_plate_7 f1_hotel_buffet_plate_8KILLER! Sisig + Foie Gras + Quail Eggs

The sisig bits had this nice tinge of crunch to the bite, took a spoonful and I got an explosion of flavors. Then you hit the foie gras bits and those succulent fatty liver chunks further enhances the meaty flavor, it then melts in your mouth with the runny eggs and there you’ll get utter bliss. A bit of calamansi to cut the richness and it’s just perfect.

f1_hotel_buffet_Durian_posterFor the dessert choices it’s definitely their Durian Crème Brûlée that got raves from everyone an awesome sweet tooth treat that’s rich, creamy and velvety made more interesting with the complex flavor of durian.

f1_hotel_buffet_15This durian based dessert was definitely a winner, the flavor from the fruit is not too overpowering, you just get these faint notes of the complex flavor. A base that’s rich, creamy and velvety with little notes of the durian flavor it’s the right balance of sweet and tartness then you hit the cream topping on top with a swirl of caramel giving it an extra kick of sweetness that binds all the flavors together, It’s really good, I just can’t get enough. A definite must-try!


VERDICT: LUZVIMINDA of F1 Hotel’s All-day Dining Buffet has a really good spread, crafted by some of the country’s best chefs, you’re really in for a treat, whether you like Filipino food or not, with a bounty spread of elevated favorites from the various regions, I’m sure everyone wil get to enjoy these yummy stuff and leave the restaurant a happy camper.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Good value for money, the buffet is priced at P1400 and they have an ongoing promo with Deal Grocer where you can enjoy the yummy spread for just P900.


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