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Pleasure Makers! A tag line that I’m sure they’ll deliver when Magnum Manila open its doors on April 8. I think I never seen a pop-up concept of this magnitude, this grand and awesome concept of the beloved ice cream bar will only be open for a year, and that’s it. Well there’s so much for you to try from the savory dishes that’s all in line with their aim to deliver good comfort food to the desserts, your sweet endings when you visit their cafe, countless combinations to choose from and some gorgeous, gorgeous plated desserts.


DEATH BY CHOCOLATE – My obsession for warm and cold dessert materialized in this pan of rich and decadent chocolate lava cake, chocolate truffle magnum and these cute little crisp choco pearls that gives a nice burst of crunch to the bite. Oh this dreamy dessert is really a sight to behold, tried my best not to let my jaw drop when it was served on our table, when I was clearly drooling and giddy with excitement.

Magnum Cafe Manila also serve some promising savory dishes, all in line with their commitment to serve good comfort food, these dishes are by Chef Him Uy de Baron, I’ve been a fan of his cooking since I had a great dinner at Nomama and was very impressed by his teppanyaki creations.

We started with this trio of bruschetta, start with something really light the first one was a combination of light, creamy ricotta and that bit of tomato on top gives it that nice kick of bright flavor, fruity and light. The mushroom variant was nice, creamy and earthy and then there’s the one with tuna, my favorite from the bunch, that piece of delicate tuna and that medley of flavors that just highlight the flavor of the piece of fish, really good!



YOU SHOULD BE WARNED! Their Cajun Spiced Chicken Fingers is addicting! The flavor profile is similar to buttermilk chicken that we all love then you hit those bits of salt giving this nice spike of saltiness, further highlighting the flavorful meat, then you get a nice drizzling of the gravy that it’s served with and you’ll love those bacon bits and that nice shade of meaty,. smoky flavor as you pour it over the succulent pieces of meat. OH YES! Buttermilk Chicken Fingers + Bacon Gravy! What’s not to like?!

magnum_cafe_manila_salmon1I also tried their Pan Seared Salmon, a number of sauces to pair it with gives you a number of option on how to further enhance the flavor of that gorgeous fillet of salmon. With the skin giving this nice crisp, and then you hit the rest of the meat of the fish so delicate, flaky and cooked perfectly. I love how the fish paired well with that salsa verde and those surprising bursts of flavor that I get when I eat it with the pieces of chorizo on the side. The fillet of salmon is served with a bed of mashed potato, delicate and creamy.

When in Magnum Manila YOU MUST save room for desserts, at the helm of their dessert creations is the young and very talented chef, Miko Aspiras. Whose awards here and abroad is a bit too many to mention, been a fan of his work for quite some time now. You can go for the nice experience of designing your own magnum or you may go with their recommendations and some plated desserts.

When designing your own Magnum Bar, you’ll get the base and every bit that goes with the ice cream bar, starting with the choice of base, magnum on its naked form (either vanilla or chocolate-caramel) then the coating of white, classic, or infinity dark, and then the toppings that are all very special. Some notable toppings are queso de bola, golden chocolate pearls, potato chips, pretzels, and dehydrated strawberries.


A simple infographic from Magnum Manila on how to design your own Magnum Bar. I was quite overwhelmed with all the base, and the toppings so I tried one of their signature combinations. Got the one that’s called Picnic in the Park, basically some of my favorite things rolled into one luscious bar.


Their Picnic in the Park is an amazing combination of vanilla base, potato chips, some grated queso de bola, sea salt, potato chips, pretzels, and a nice drizzling of white chocolate. I’ve always been a fan of the sweet and savory combo, and they really nailed the flavor combination on this one! You get a nice sweet vanilla and milk chocolate base and the toppings are all salty and gives the bar a very nice contrast of texture, really, really good.

You may also try their plated desserts! Oh gorgeous sweet tooth creations that are all an eyecandy it took us a while to muster the courage to dig in and break down the beautifully plated desserts that was served.


RAINBOW DREAM (P250) – white chocolate vanilla magnum bar, rainbow cake crumble, and a slice of cream cheese rainbow cake

A nice and colorful cake, this would appeal to kids and kids at heart. A vanilla base cake of layered bright hues that gives this nice subtle, creamy, almost milk-like taste. Then you eat it with the a bit of the vanilla magnum bar and its all good!


PINK FRIDAY (P290) – strawberry marbled cheesecake, speculoos tea cookies, strawberry nerds, pink chocolate dusted vanila magnum, strawberry coulis

I told you their plated desserts are a bunch of eyecandy sweet tooth treats, it took us a while to muster all our courage to dig in and munch on this dainty dessert. I’d say this is the most elegantly plated among the bunch, their PINK FRIDAY. At the base is this irresistibly dense cheesecake and then you hit it with the crumbs of speculoos tea cookies, whose spiced cookie flavor works wonderfully on the background. Then you hit the more fruity bits; the strawberries and those nerds candy that adds a nice pop to the bite. And to top it off you get that nice cold, comforting relief of the magnum bars that its topped with.

It’s no secret that I have this obsession over warm and cold desserts, specially lava cakes, and at Magnum Manila they have two gorgeous, beautifully plated desserts that hits the spot.


COOKIE DOUGH SKILLET (P250) – warm chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla magnum bars, dark chocolate, chopped pecans

It’s crazy good, we feel like melting with the ice cream bits with every bite, chanting expletives making these small murmurs of joy. Imagine a moist, chewy cookie dough base, with the center almost having a half-baked texture, a warm skillet of joy. It’s topped with pecans and some vanilla magnum bars, as those bars melt to the warm cookie base, it gives this awesome subtly sweet relief. I’m really crazy over this kind of stuff, the warm, sweet cookie base and that cold, comforting relief of the ice cream counterpart, BLISS!


DEATH BY CHOCOLATE (P250) – dark chocolate lava cake, chocolate truffle magnum, brownie pieces, chocolate crispearls

This chocolate dessert really is the death of me. I took one bite and I was put into a trance, unconciously saying expletives, making these weird murmurs of gratification. I’m partial to anything chocolate, and I love this type of dessert, the warm and cold combination is just irresistible! At the base is an insanely rich and decadent lava cake, topped with brownies and these chocolate crisp pearls that bursts its chocolatey goodness as you bite into it. Its topped with a chocolate truffle magnum and served with a creamy anglaise. OMG this is so damn good I can not wait for them to formally open their doors on April 8th as I’m sure to be there, lining up to munch on this gorgeous chocolate dessert yet again.

MAGNUM MANILA has a killer line of desserts, with the fun experience of designing your own Magnum Bar, and some really gorgeous and crazy good plated desserts, I’m sure this is something that you’ll truly enjoy. Are you excited to try their creations? Only 10 more days until their concept store opens on April 8th!

Do join my #MagnumManila giveaway! P2000 worth of GCs will be given away to one lucky winner.


Magnum Manila

5/F Sky Park, SM Aura Premier
McKinley Parkway corner 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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  1. I wanna try the PINK FRIDAY of #MagnumManila coz I really like strawberry and it looks delectable.
    Emmanuel Leal
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  3. I would like to try the Pink Friday. I love cheesecake and strawberries. I am also drawn to the Cookie Dough Skillet; I’m curious how the warm-and-cold dessert will be like. And I like cookie dough.

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

  4. want to try the death by chocolate,co’z i love makes more delicious with magnum.i know that no one can resist with this drooling dessert even me.

  5. What dessert creation(s) of #MagnumManila would you like to try and why?
    I would like to try Death by Chocolate because I am a chocolate lover and this creation really looks so yummy with all the delicious chocolate truffle, brownie and crispearls!
    Jerry Chan

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  10. Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to trying out Magnum Manila.
    I am excited to try out the Pink Friday, because one, I like strawberries and two, I like Magnum.
    – Nelson Guevara
    – teton_g(at)yahoo(dot)com

  11. Oh my pink universe! The Pink Friday looks sooooo yummy! I am a super fan of strawberries and cheesecake. Oh by the way, Nerds is a staple food for me back in the 90’s. And now that I’m already a mom, I still have my nerds fix every two weeks. So the Pink Friday must be really something special. πŸ™‚

    Marinela Diaz

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  19. What dessert creations of #MagnumManila would you like to try and why?
    RAINBOW DREAM white chocolate vanilla magnum bar, rainbow cake crumble, and a slice of cream cheese rainbow cake from its look i know it taste delicious! I want to try it because it looks good and taste good i presumed.

    email address:

  20. What dessert creation(s) of #MagnumManila would you like to try and why?

    Answer: I like to try PINK FRIDAY (P290) – strawberry marbled cheesecake, speculoos tea cookies, strawberry nerds, pink chocolate dusted vanila magnum, strawberry coulis because i like it.

    Complete name: Rodel Salazar mercurio
    Email address:

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  24. Liezel Salem


    huhuhuuh.. nakakagutom to.. i swear! gusto ko matikman kahit kagat lang.. kahit na medyo hindi ako pwede sa matamis eh siguro worth it to kainin.! lalo na pag personal na picture palang nakakatakam na..

  25. Jessamer Abing

    COOKIE DOUGH SKILLET – warm chocolate chip cookie dough, vanilla magnum bars, dark chocolate, chopped pecans

    I would love to try this (Im honestly drooling over it now while typing this) coz it looooooooksss so delicious even it will ruin my diet. I DONT CARE!!! Hahhahahaha this magnum pleasure is to die for cant wit to try this

  26. What dessert creation(s) of #MagnumManila would you like to try and why? I would like to try PINK FRIDAY besides the color pink and red, what I like most is the combination of strawberries, cheesecake and specially the Magnum bar. Looks good and delicious :o)))

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  29. what i love is the Fruit Tropics dessert creation by Magnum
    The taste of summer made decadent: Dried Philippine mangoes, chopped pistachios, yoghurt nibs all resting on a bed of velvety-smooth vanilla ice cream and laced with white chocolate drizzle. im soo inlove with it.

  30. Magnum Vanilla Ice Cream dipped in Belgian White Chocolate Gold Magnum with Roasted Almonds, potato chips & yogurt nibs toppings drizzled with milk chocolate. Omg. *Drooling haha. Yummy. <3

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