Maitre Chocolatier at Makati: Chocolate All The Way!

Went to Maitre Chocolatier at Jupiter Street(Makati) with Pat and Julie where we tried all things chocolate. I really think they’ve done it well, they incorporatedΒ  their signature chocolate to every dish they have on the menu. It was AWESOME.

If you’re having problems finding the restaurant, it’s near Buendia MRT Station, beside Starbucks and Whistlestop Restaurant and Bar.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the restaurant was their gorgeous selections of gelato, Oh how I wish I could try them ALL πŸ™

They also sell other chocolate stuff that’s usually from well known chocolate manufacturers. But for most of their food items (that’s on the menu) they use Lindt chocolate.

I find the place to be modish while maintaining a touch of coziness for their diners.

And we did indulge!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

For drinks we tried their Classic Dark Chocolate and Nutella Chocolate Drink, both ice blended.

From L-R: Classic Dark Chocolate (P150), Nutella (P160) -- both ice blended

Nutella lovers will love this chocolate drink! Pure creamy nutella goodness all throughout!!!! πŸ˜€

For starters we tried their Maki Salad and Maitre Chocolatier’s Sausage. While Pat chose to start with their Pumpkin Soup.

Ever had salad with CHOCOLATE sauce?

Maki Salad (P156)

Reminisce the taste of the ocean and plunge to the gustatory of Maki Salad dressed with Frey Blanc Chocolate, with fresh ripe mangoes and crab.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of vegetables so I passed on this one. They said it’s actually nice and the Frey Blanc Chocolate dressing went well with it.

Pumpkin Soup (P110)

This delicious pureed pumpkin complimented with creamy Villar Blanc Chocolate

You must be thinking ‘wth, chocolate on pumpkin soup?’ but Pat said it’s actually good. The chocolate didn’t act as a sweetener, it just added more creaminess to the soup. I really wanted to try this one but my choice of starter dish came and I carried on munching on that one that I totally forgot to try the soup *Silly :(*

Maitre Chocolatier's Sausage (P158)

Lindt Dark Chocolate filled juicy Hungarian Sausage (choice of beef or pork) served with butter toast.

I really liked this one! the contrast of flavors was great, savory with a hint of spiciness from the hungarian sausage and this deep almost bitter flavor of the lindt dark chocolate; the medley of flavors was really good.

As for the main entrees we tried their Chicken and Mushroom White Chocolate and Cheese Sauce and White Chocolate Carbonara.

Chicken in Mushroom White Chocolate and Cheese Sauce (P245)

Soft and tender chicken pouched in Villar Chocolat Blanc with melted cheese, mushroom, and spices served with steamed rice

The chicken was cooked just right, and i loved the flavor from the mushrooms and the cheese sauce, their white chocolate (villar chocolat blanc) helped develop this creamy sauce that really went well with the chicken.

White Chocolate Carbonara (P230)

Rich and creamy carbonara with lustful hint of Lindt white chocoalte, sprinkled with tidbits of bacon that tickles and quench your crave for chocolate.

White chocolate on carbonara?! — is this what you’re thinking? πŸ˜€ Although you might find the combination to be a bit weird, it actually tasted good. The white chocolate made this hint of sweet and providing a nice and creamy sauce. The bacon bits offsets this hint of sweetness and it was just wonderful. Being a big fan of pasta dishes, I really liked this one. I consider it a must try!

For our sweet endings we tried their Churros Sticks with Lindt Dark Chocolate Dip, Golden Euphoria, and Sweet Revenge. πŸ˜€

Churros Sticks with Lindt Dark Chocolate Dip (P156)

Their churros was really really good! The sticks was light and thin, I swear minimal chewing is required because it almost melts in your mouth, and the dark chocolate dip was just wonderful! Definitely a Must try!

Golden Euphoria - Ferrero Hazelnut Crunch Cake (P218)

Tempting chocolate hazelnut mousse on a velvety sponge cake topped with the enchanting ferrero hazelnut.

Ohhh Ferrero / Nutella fans will LOVE this!! Just seeing the picture almost made me drool. (and you’ve got to love that plating! :D)

Golden Euphoria - Ferrero Hazelnut Crunch Cake (P218)

Anyway, Their golden euphoria had this moist crust under the cake, and the velvety, chocolatey ferrero middle part was just scrumptious!

Sweet Revenge- Lindt Molten Lava Cake (P195)

Dark chocolate molten lava cake made from Lindt Excellence Dark (70%), filled with oozing sweet and vengefully spicy chocolate lava served with vanilla ice cream.

For readers that are subscribed to HF’s Facebook Page, This one might be familiar, I used it as a teaser for this post πŸ˜€

Sweet Revenge- Lindt Molten Lava Cake (P195)

Their sweet revenge was my top pick actually. Your first bites around the outer part of the cake will give you this overwhelming chocolate flavors (sweet) and when you continue and hit the center a hint of spiciness becomes evident. Immediately after getting a spoonful of the center (That is spicy) I recommend you quench it with a bit of their vanilla ice cream. Eating it was really a bliss πŸ˜€ Again, it’s definitely a must-try!


VERDICT: We had an awesome dining experience at Maitre’s Chocolatier. I loved how they were able to incorporate their own chocolate to all of their menu items.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Food items here are a bit pricey, but if you’re willing to shell out money for good food and for your love of all things chocolate, then you should give Maitre Chocolatier a visit!


Maitre Chocolatier Botique Cafe, Jupiter St.

Unit 2A, 28 Jupiter. St. cor. Astra St. Bel-Air
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 897-8559

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  1. Now I am drooling!!!!!!!!!! Every dish was infused with chocolate. That is so tempting most especially with the Lindt chocolate. Awesome!

  2. Ang dami nyong na try! I love Maitre Chocolatier. But their branch here in Davao doesn’t have a gelato corner (or maybe I didn’t see it, ma check nga ulit).

  3. Everything is mouth-watering! Every picture made me want to head out and go straight to their shop! Gelato made me crazy! After seeing ferrero flavors are available =p~ arghhhh! This is not good, reading your post especially in the middle of the night. Imagine me dreaming all of those yumminess! Thank you so much for sharing this! Will visit them this weekend!

  4. Chocolate all the way! I love carbonara and it amazed me that it may come with white chocolate. Oh, what a versatile ingredient.=)

  5. Churros Stick? New name to me! I like the place it feels comfortable by seeing the photos and OMG chocolates! I like how they still serve other menus like the rice and so on. They didn’t stick to chocolates and desserts! <3

  6. Oh my! So many chocolates! I am not a fan of chocolates since I am not a sweet lover but boy those are mouth-watering! πŸ™‚

    Chocolate + food is amazing!! ^______^

  7. Does white chocolate really tastes like the regular brown chocolate? Cuz the thought of chocolate in chickens and pasta is so absurd to me.

  8. I’m a dessert and chocolate lover but I’ve never tried dishes incorporated with chocolates. I wanted to taste the chocolate carbonara.. Its quite unusual right? The churros sticks and lava cake looks very inviting! All listed… gonna try this!

  9. Nooo. As far I can remember I comment here already! Anyway, I’d love to go here and it feels comfortable! I love chocolates! Good to see that they didn’t stick to desserts menu πŸ™‚

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