Makanan Lazat (Malaysian Food Festival) at Corniche by Diamond Hotel

Finally got the chance to try Corniche at Diamond Hotel last week, Yey! I’ve wanted to try this buffet place for quite some time.(part of my long and growing bucket list of go-to’s) and it was quite timely that they’re having a Malaysian Food Festival and I was more than happy to give it a go.

This is their parmesan cheese and herb crusted salmon. Awesome stuff!


The place had this luxurious feel to it, with tasteful interiors and a nice spacious dining area. They launched a Malaysian Food Festival until September 16, whipping up some awesome and yummy dishes are their guest ChefCheong Yan Seeof Endorun Colleges. (For more info about the food fest and the menu cycles check out my other post)

So I wandered around the buffet spread and I was more than happy (and excited) to try a bunch of stuff. 😀

 Udang Masak Sambal Pedas – My Mother’s style of chilli Prawns

 Ayam Masak Mera – Chicken in Tomato Sauce

Beef Rendang – Slow cooked beef coconut stew

Ayam Panggang Percik  – Malaysian Style Chicken Inasal

Dalca Kambing – Lamb Shank and Chickpea stew

It was raining that night and I figured a nice and scrumptious bowl of Curry Laksa would be nice!

I requested for an assortment of prawns, squid, fish balls and some rice noodles on my Curry Laksa. It was perfect for the weather that night, but honestly it was so good I’d gladly devour a bowl of this any time. Rich curry broth and that hint of spiciness left me wanting for more. Spoon after spoonful of the soup and the prawns with the noodle was just great I had to go back for a second bowl! This one’s a must-try, rain or shine. 😀

I also tried their Beef Rendang(Slow cooked beef coconut stew) and Dalca Kambing (Lamb Shank and Chickpea stew) with a side of Nasi Lemak.(Steamed coconut rice) Tried the beef rending first and I love how tender the slow cooked piece of meat was packed with flavor and it really went well with the rice. Their Nasi Lemak had this tinge of coconut flavor then there’s the crispy pieces of cured fish providing this wonderful contrast in both flavor and texture, it’s really nice.

I also liked how the meat of the lamb shank was tender and the chickpeas provided a nice match for flavor. Devoid of gaminess, I really enjoyed munching on the tender lamb meat off the shank.

Decided to go chicken all the way on this plate and tried their Ayam Masak Mera (Chicken in Tomato Sauce) and Ayam Panggang Percik (Malaysian Style Chicken Inasal). I loved the chicken in tomato sauce a lot! The tender piece of chicken meat was infused with the rich flavor of the tomato sauce and I really liked it. Their version of chicken inasal is good too. With a hint of coconut flavor giving it a more interesting flavor, the dish went really well with the Nasi Lemak. (steamed coconut rice with crispy bits of cured fish)

Next on my plate was a batch of their Udang Masak Sambal Pedas (Mother’s style of chilli Prawns) and some of their awesome Parmesan and Herb Crusted Salmon. The chili prawns had this nice balance of sweet and spiciness that I really like. The hint of spice in the flavor was just right, not too overwhelming and I really liked it.

I love their Parmesan and Herb Crusted Salmon! Succulent piece of fish topped with cheese providing this nice medley of flavor. The fish was cooked beautifully and every bite was pure bliss.

I also tried an assortment of their satay (pork and beef) and a bunch of their lamb chops. Love how the satay was tender and infused with this awesome nutty flavor. The lamb chops were good too.

I was getting a bit full and I was cautious on leaving a considerable amount of space for dessert.

Tried a bunch of stuff from their section; I got their vanilla cheesecake, chocolate mousse, moist chocolate cake, kiwi tartlets and black currant crème brulee.  The vanilla cheesecake was light and nice, the piece of fruit on top was a nice touch. I’m a big fan chocolate stuff and I really like their moist chocolate cake and chocolate mousse. The black currant crème brulee was nice, creamy and the flavor of the black sesame provided this interesting twist to it.


Another thing that I enjoyed munching on are these little pina colada shots. It had this nice and refreshing flavor that was useful in cleansing my palate with all the sweets that I was eating.

I also tried an assortment of their chocolate truffles and some chocolate chip cookies. I really like the white chocolate and the other one that’s coated with pistachio.

The ice cream selection at their dessert section was AWESOME. Tried the Black Sesame, Chocolate, Vanilla and GenMaicha. The black sesame was an instant favorite, it was love at first bite.

(The ice cream selections they serve at the buffet are from Cake Club *I’ll be posting about Cake Club soon, stay tuned! :)*)

BUFFET RATES: 1,600 net per person / Php 1,888 net to include a free flow of tropical juices.


VERDICT: Our dining experience at Corniche was good. The food and variety of the buffet spread was commendable and I really liked the Malaysian dishes that I tried.  Service was great and the place definitely deserves a return trip.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Okay-good value for money, with a rate of P1,888 net for a dinner buffet, it’s really a good deal. With good food and service I’d be more than willing to pay that amount for a nice buffet experience at Corniche.


Corniche, Diamond Hotel

Hotel’s Lobby Diamond Hotel, Roxas Blvd
Ermita, Manila
(02) 528-3000

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  1. I’ve been planning to go to Malaysia to try Malay cuisine, since a Malaysian friend was willing to bring me to foodie places there. But this is an alternative. I’d want to try Corniche soon! 🙂

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