MANAM at Greenbelt: Filipino Comfort Food Done Right

MANAM at Greenbelt – Formerly Namnam Comfort Filipino, this is probably my favorite restaurant in Greenbelt that servers local favorites and I really like the concept; a place that gives diners an option to indulge on classic favorites and local staples and some unique dishes with a twist, newer interpretations of familiar dishes for more adventurous diners.


A perfect combination of their House Crispy Sisig and a bowl of Tinapa Rice. A dinner of sinful and decadent dishes as we’re fond of the pampabata stuff.


CHICHARON TRIO – pork, fish chicharon, crispy chicken skin, spicy vinegar

An awesome way to start the pig out session, we got a plate of their Chicharon Trio, pieces of the classic deep fried pork rind and chicken skin giving you a nice crisp to the bite and some savory flavor that goes well with that spicy vinegar dip its served with. What I like about their chicharon was it wasn’t oily at all, even as you bite into it, its devoid of any of that oily after taste. The fish bits were surprisingly good too, crisped up dory pieces with texture almost similar to the pork rind counter part.


WOK-FRIED SHRIMPS WITH SALTED DUCK EGG YOLK – I’m a big fan of the prawns and salted egg sauce as I think it pairs really well with rice, Manam’s version uses wok-fried prawns and a salted duck egg as base for the sauce. The duck egg makes for an infinitely more creamy and intense flavor and a smoother texture, with the prawn pieces bathing on that special sauce, it goes really well with rice.


Manam’s take on this local favorite is something you shouldn’t miss. Their House Crispy Sisig is insanely good! Since I’m more partial to the crispy, toasted bits I absolutely love this one. Actually its a nice balance since the meat pieces seemed covered by this nice sauce that’s ever so flavorful, meat pieces that are not dry and packs a lot of awesome flavor. Then as you get a spoonful, you’ll be treated to this contrast of the crispy toasted bits and the more meaty, tender pieces. This is really, really good and happens to pair well with their Tinapa Rice.


That bowl of fluffy rice and chopped up tinapa pieces and salted egg really goes well with the rich and flavorful dishes that we got. That background of smoky flavor from the fish just goes well with the dishes with bold flavors. They also have the breakfast fried rice of corned beef, steak, and bacon stir fried with scrambled eggs.


GRILLED TIGER PRAWNS with house-made aligue butter


If you like seafood, you’ll absolutely love these Grilled Tiger Prawns with Aligue Butter. Prawn pieces ever so yummy grilled in aligue (crab fat) butter; these were tender to the bite, and these being grilled, it had a nice hint of smoky flavor to it, then there’s the aligue butter, oh that rich crab fat infused butter with the succulent pieces of tiger prawns, each piece so good it leaves you wanting for more, a bit of lime to cut through all that richness goes a long way and makes the dish even more enjoyable. We also tried eating them with the salted duck egg sauce from the wok-fried shrimps and it worked really well. This one is a definite must-try!


SINIGANG NA BEEF SHORT RIB WITH WATERMELON – If you love sinigang like I do, you have to try this! A soup base warm and comforting that’s more on the thicker side, with flavor that’s bright and is an amazing cross between the right amount of acidity and some fruity flavor running in the background. The pieces of short rib was so very tender and then you hit it with the soup velvety and very refreshing. This goes really well after trying all that rich and flavorful dishes, you kind of need something to cut through the bold flavors and this does exactly that. There’s also these little pieces of watermelon that gives it that faint hint of sweetness. REALLY GOOD!

For sweet ending we got something from the Burger Bar upstairs (yes you can cross order from Manam to Burger Bar, vice versa). A cure for my never-ending obsession of warm-and-cold dessert combinations.


This MOLTEN CHOCOLATE BOTTOMS are happiness in a jar. It’s no secret that I happen to be obsessed with this kind of dessert, its just an irresistible combination of the dense, rich, and decadent chocolate base that has a texture of almost like a fudge and a half-baked chocolate cake, in the bottom of this jar is a warm chocolate treat and then you hit it with the vanilla ice cream and swirls of caramel sauce for that cold relief and contrast in flavor and texture. This is really good and a fantastic sweet ending / sweet tooth treat to our lovely dinner.

Manam Comfort Filipino (formerly Namnam) at Greenbelt serves some really good food, perhaps some of the best Filipino food fix in the area. A menu that’s quite extensive and gives the diners options to try classic dishes and some done with a twist. Also they offer these dishes in three serving sizes, giving the customers more options and customizations. Manam’s food and service were impressive as always and we’ll definitely come back for more. One problem that we noticed though is of their exhaust, fumes from the dishes and the kitchen can be overpowering and unless you want to smell like sisig or chicharon after your meal, your best bet is to seat at their al fresco dining area. Hope they find a solution for the fumes soon. This is my favorite Filipino restaurant in Greenbelt, try their food may it be the classic or the ones with a twist, try this place and I’m sure you’ll love it too.


Namnam Comfort Filipino, Greenbelt 2

G/F Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St cor Greenbelt Dr
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 625-0515

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