Manong’s Bagnet Haven

Manong’s Bagnet Station – A simple diner just a stone’s throw away from Tomas Morato serving one of the best bagnet I had in recent memory. They take this well-loved crispy pork dish very seriously, having perfected this sinfully indulgent treat. The place is quite simple and actually has a more carinderia feel to it. Upon entering you get a familiar smell of the pork cooking,  and to a meat lover like me it was definitely hunger inducing. It’s a haven for almost everything pork and specifically an abundance of dishes that utilize bagnet and all its fatty, crispy, and meaty glory.

Like I said they have perfected their bagnet, it presents with this beautiful glisten to the fatty bits, and a decent meat to fat ratio. Oh just look at that, the seemingly really crispy crackle and tender meat and fatty bits.


BAGNET (1kg – P750 | 1/2 kg – P350 | 1/4 kg – P175 | Rice Meal – P135) The rice meal is served with rice and a variety of condiments (tomatoes, onions, bagoong, and salted egg)

Their take on this well-loved Ilocano pork dish is just lovely, cooked slowly to achieve that tenderness to the meat and fatty bits that can only be described as ethereal. Then you hit that gorgeous crackle and the trimmings of soft and chewy fat, something that’s meant to be enjoyed over heaps of rice and man I inhaled a lot. You’d be happy to know that they sell this by the kilo and you can also hoard on their sealed bagnet if you want to store it for a longer period of time. The menu prices are quite affordable, you can enjoy a very filling meal with a little over a hundred bucks.

We also tried a bunch of other items from their menu, bagnet utilized in various ways, it was one big carnivorous feast.

SISIG NI MANAG (Rice Meal – P110 | Ala Carte – P160) – chopped bagnet, onions, and chilies

Sisig made of thinly chopped bagnet, you may think of it as pulled pork, with an abundance of fatty trimmings and layers of soft meat, then you get some of the crackle, a nice surprise, and a great contrast in texture. It has a very rich base of intense flavor and that dash of calamansi really helps cut through all that goodness. This is best enjoyed with a pint, fortunately they also serve local beers.

BICOL EXXXPRESSS (Rice Meal – P110 | Ala Carte – P180) – thinly sliced bagnet simmered in balaw; coconut mixture seasoned with zesty herbs and spice.

Their take on Bicol Express is a real crowd pleaser, definitely one of my favorites from the dishes we tried. Thinly sliced bagnet simmered in this rich concoction called balaw, it offers a bold flavor of rich coconut base and some savory spices to permeate throughout the meat. It also packs a nice tinge of spice that leaves you wanting for more, its the kind of flavor that lingers. With this and their gorgeous crispy bagnet we were treated to one really sinfully indulgent feast.


KARE-KARENG BAGNET (P240) -exquisite bagnet-vegetable dish made of crispy bagnet in a delicate peanut sauce complimented with homemade bagoong alamang

The only thing I enjoyed from this dish are the crispy bagnet pieces, we find their peanut sauce base too sweet, it’s almost peanut butter-like. The bagoong alamang that its served with works really well in cutting through that sweetness but it was really just too sweet for us.

SINIGANG NA BAGNET (P220) — Something to cut through the richness of the other dishes we got, their version of sinigang pretty much acted like a palate cleanser for us. What I enjoyed most on their version of this well-loved stew is that it’s a nice balance of savory and sour making a really bright flavored broth. Then you hit the bagnet bits and its quite amazing how they were able to preserve some of that crisp from the crackle, we didn’t try their desserts because we were so full from all that sinful bagnet dishes and countless bowls of rice so this served as a nice finish to our carnivorous feast.

Manong’s Bagnet Station does this well-loved Ilocano pork dish justice. Bagnet that’s done right; crispy crackle and really tender meat and trimmings of fat. The price range of the menu items is really on the affordable side and I think this place is perfect for a wonderful feast shared among your family or friends.


Manong’s Bagnet Station Co.

117 A Sct. Dr Lozano, Brgy. Sacred Heart
1103 Quezon City, Philippines
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