Marmalade Kitchen at Forum South, Bonifacio Global City

MARMALADE KITCHEN – While the Forum South Global in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) has been a destination for new food finds and restaurant concepts. And while majority of the diners may be focused on the restaurants in the first level of the complex. You guys should check out the other restaurants as well, like this new restaurant and cafe by Chef Aileen Anastacio tucked in the second floor that serves some good, simple comfort food and amazing sweet tooth treats.


The main reason why I love Marmalade Kitchen is their Fallen Chocolate Cake, a cure to my never ending obsession and cravings for warm and cold type of desserts. This is really, really good!

marmalade_kitchen_soup_posterWent here for a quick lunch on a slow day, the restaurant served good comfort food and coupled with the cozy ambiance and a nice lineup of irresistible sweet tooth treats makes this a nice hangout place. Started with their soup of the day that’s a creamy tomato soup – warm and comforting. Very light and a nice creamy mouth-feel that’s perfect with some bread and that crisped up bacon strip.


PULLED PORK with onion strings, cabbage slaw, bbq sauce and garlic mayo on toasted burger bun

I’m a big fan of anything pulled pork and you know, that if it’s on the menu, I just need to try the dish. In this case it’s a nice pulled pork sandwich with a nice texture and crunch from the onion rings and the toasted fatty bits of the pulled pork is just fantastic. Added some of that bbq sauce for that smoky and slightly tangy finish to balance the natural sweetness of the other components. And the fries, thick cut – crispy on the outside, creamy and fluffy as you bite into it, is really good!

marmalade_kitchen_country_fried_chicken_posterWhat I like about their Country Fried Chicken is its simplicity no oversized chicken here, just simple and well seasoned boneless chicken thighs, skin on coated with this nice and crispy batter. I love that there’s really little effort on eating this beauty as it’s boneless and the meat is naturally more flavorful since it’s dark meat. Couple it with a nice gravy to further highlight the flavor of the meat and some fantastic sides- read: potatoes are good! and that slaw for some crunch.

marmalade_kitchen_longanisang_hubad_posterBreakfast will always be the most important meal of the day for me, and if you guys read my previous post, there’s an omnipresence of rice specially with this meal to start the day. Was very excited to try some of from their all-day breakfast menu and settlerd with Garlic Longganisang Hubad. It’s really good! Definitely a treat of garlic-y, spiced longanisa bits take out of its case and fried to a wonderful crisp. This is how I like my longganisa and how we do it at home and they serve more on the savory and garlic-y kind that’s just perfect with lots of rice and that runny sunny side up egg.

marmalade_kitchen_black_ink_shrimp_pasta_posterBut really the biggest surprise of the lunch was this Black Ink Pasta with Shrimp. Like most of Marmalade Kitchen’s food it’s really simple and they just try to highlight the natural flavor of the components in this case some perfectly cooked squid ink pasta tossed in this delightfully light tomato cream sauce, together with the shrimp and clams it gives it an amazing flavor with that faint hint of tartness going through the background that will leave you wanting for more.

marmalade_kitchen_fallen_chocolate_cake_posterA meal at this place for me, will always end with this sweet tooth treat. You know how I love warm and cold type of desserts and this is really a good one. Again very simple but just fantastic slightly chewy and decadent chocolate base with texture that reminds me of half-baked chocolate cakes dusted with sugar and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Warm chocolaty cake base that’s just heaven in your mouth and that relief from the cold and subtle flavor of the ice cream. This is a MUST TRY specially if you’re into this kind of desserts.

Marmalade Kitchen definitely gives more options to diners in the area, they serve some good comfort food and that fallen chocolate cake is really just fantastic. Do give it a try or if you want maybe take some of their cooking / baking classes as well.

Marmalade Kitchen

Unit 2-5 Forum South Global,
7th Ave cor Federacion Dr
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 622-9196

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