Ocean’s Harvest Seafood Buffet at Marriott Cafe Manila

Marriott Cafe Manila – It’s been a while since I dined here, in fact my previous feature about this buffet restaurant is one of my first post for the blog. This time we went here for a weekday dinner to try their seafood buffet, of course you have the usual stations from their buffet service but this time they added some nice seafood in whole fish and a variety of crustaceans that you can ask them cook whichever way you prefer.

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_feature_posterGrilled Slipper Lobster and served with with a bit of garlic and butter, what’s not to like right?marriott_cafe_resorts_world_sashimiStarted with a plate of assorted sashimi, of course I went for the salmon pieces first, you know I’m really partial to its naturally sweet flavor and fatty goodness.

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_prawns2Something so simple and familiar, a beautiful plate of Gambas is always a hit. Found myself getting some crusty bread from the buffet spread to mop all the drippings from the butter and the shrimp. And yes this is really good with rice too!

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_octopusBeautifully plated Octopus Ceviche that’s made even prettier with some micro greens and I sort of like the slightly chewy texture on them and then that hint of bright, sour flavor hits you with a bit of spice, a good way to start the dinner!

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_baked_oystersOysters Rockefeller is another hit for us, pieces of oysters baked with a number of cheeses until gooey and bubbly, not really a fan of the crustacean, but I did enjoy the cheesy goodness on this one.

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_teppanNow I know we went here for the seafood stuff, but when you have ribeye available for the grill and teppan, you know I’ll get some of that. This was actually my first plate with pieces of succulent and flavorful ribeye teppan and some sweet sprouts to go with a lot of their fried rice. Do yourself a favor and make a great surf and turf plate with the ribeye from the grill and maybe some prawns / lobster from the spread.

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_prawnsCrispy Fried Chili Garlic Prawns that are lovely to snack on, peel and deveined, just pull the heads out and into your mouth for that succulent, flavorful prawns, the spice level on this one is just right, not too overpowering and just enough to leave you wanting for more.

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_feature_sinigangHAPPINESS!!! They have a Sinigang Hot Pot station! I really enjoyed this one, Salmon and Shrimp in Sinigang sa Miso broth is lovely, warm and comforting. Bright sour soup that’s just perfect with the seafood and since I love salmon too, this was a huge hit for me.

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_crab2But if I had to pick a favorite from the plated seafood from the buffet, it would definitely be their Salted Egg Crabs. Seriously this stuff is dangerously addicting! This dish will leave you helpless as you eat it with a lot of rice, so good! A nice rich and velvety sauce made from salted duck egg that beautifully adhered to the pieces of the crab.

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_crab1Singaporean-Style Crabs if you want things with a kick of spice, this is quite good also,  with a spice level that further enhance the flavor of the crabs. Didn’t get to eat much of this as I was so hooked with the one with the salted egg as sauce.

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_baked_singaporean_sea_bassIf you’re dining with a big group, or you have quite the big appetite, do try some of their whole fish too, Sweet and Sour Singaporean Sea Bass is both festive-looking and filling. This goes really well with their fried rice, good fish, simple flavor combinations that just works.

marriott_cafe_resorts_world_feature_cocktailsThey also have a variety of cocktails that goes really well with the seafood choices from the buffet, really liked this one since it’s fruity but packs a nice punch. Do ask your server for recommendations on what drink you can pair with the stuff you got from the buffet.

This Ocean’s Harvest Seafood Buffet at Marriott Cafe, Resorts World Manila will run from Monday to Thursday of this month, the buffet is priced at P1,950 per person, however if you fancy a more luxurious spread, you can go on a Friday or the weekends where they have a wider range of seafood in the spread and a nice fresh oyster bar. The rate for an all-you-can-eat setup with the seafood choices is actually quite good.

Marriott Cafe

Manila Marriott Hotel,
No. 10 Newport Boulevard,
Newport City Complex,
Pasay City
(02) 246-9069 ext:288

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