Colors of Christmas: A Feast at Museum Cafe and Kabila Greenbelt

Tried a new set menu designed to celebrate the holiday season with a lauriat / family-style dining at Museum Cafe and Kabila Greenbelt showcasing their signature dishes and some new ones made for the upcoming festivities. Just in time for the parties and gatherings for the month, they’re offering some set menu for 6 – 10 people. It’s been a long time since I tried food here and it was definitely a fun experience rediscovering old favorites and being treated to new ones as well.

My personal favorites from the stuff that we tried are unsurprisingly all of meat base – the gorgeous Kabila Porchetta, Grilled Chicken Inasal and the hearty and very flavorful Chorizo Callos.


JAMON & QUESO PLATE – pineapple glazed ham with queso de bola, mini pan de sal, calamansi honey, sugar coated cashew

Started with this beautiful meat and cheese plate. Between the pieces of pineapple glazed ham and queso de bola plus some other flavor and textural components with the crisp pan de sal and cashews it will be a party in your mouth – various flavors and texture all working together to titillate the palate for the more filling dishes ahead.


ENSALADANG KABILA – ripe mango, green mango, turnips, guapple, pomelo, tomato salsa, salted egg and pili nuts with calamansi dressing, M bagoong

I’m not really a fan of salads / ensalada / anything with veggies, but this one’s quite appealing with inviting colors and a melange of flavors and texture this one’s well executed, very refreshing and I found myself longing for seconds. Pairs well with the rich dishes that we got, this is something to trick kids or those that are not fond of eating veggies and fruits to trying one. It’s an eye-candy and it tastes good too.


FRESH LUMPIA – lattice-style egg wrap stuffed with stir-fried palm hearts, carrots, pork and shrimp + ground sugar peanuts, garlic water and muscovado sauce

Probably one of the more prettier fresh lumpia that I’ve seen, I really liked the lattice style wrap as you can see the colors and the various stuffing, it makes the lumpia more inviting. This one’s all about fresh flavors and texture – a nice stuffing of meat and seafood and other veggies makes for this combination of interesting texture and flavor that’s refreshing.


FRIED KANGKONG CHIPS – crispy kangkong leaves, squash flowers with smoked milkfish dip

Probably one of the few veggie dishes that I enjoy is fried kangkong, with the leaves fried to a crisp and enveloped with this nice batter of great flavors, it makes eating veggies a fun experience. Then you hit the chips with that milkfish dip and that hint of smoky flavor running through the background and the creamy texture of the dip makes for a wonderful combination.


HALAAN SOUP – clam stew with lemongrass, ginger, and sili tops

Simple = Good. Like this clam stew in clear broth but is packed with amazing flavor with the base of the soup made more interesting with the lemongrass and ginger bits running in the background it makes a hearty, warm and comforting soup that I know you’ll like.

KABILA PORCHETTA – pork belly roll stuffed with lemongrass, tamarind leaves and garlic, slow roasted til crisp

I’m sure we all love roast pork in all its forms and permutations and Kabila’s take on Porchetta offers the same crispy deliciousness but given a Filipino flair. The outer bits, specially the skin is browned and cooked to wonderful crisp then you hit the halo of fat that’s very tender almost melting in your mouth, and then the meat with the stuffing of tamarind leaves, garlic and lemongrass that gives it a nice aroma and flavor. Hit it with the sticky and rich sweet sauce and its all good! If you love anything roask pork, this is a must-try!


LENGUA ESTOFADO – ox tongue stew cooked in tomato sauce, olives, mushrooms, and cream

I love their Lengua Estofado! Tender, tender ox tongue bits laid in this flavorful and rich broth of tomato and cream. The meat was so very tender and with the mushrooms and olives it makes a fantastic flavor combination. But perhaps my favorite part is when you hit the tender meat with the savory goodness of the chorizo. REALLY GOOD!


GRILLED CHICKEN INASAL – grilled chicken marinated in lemongrass-annatto oil served with chicken oil and papaya atchara

Chicken Inasal done right, love the presentation with the rock and parrilla with these succulent boneless chicken pieces that had these nice traces of lemongrass running in the background. Then you use the lemongrass brush to rub some chicken oil to the chicken for added deliciousness. Oh that nice chicken with gorgeous charred bits and tender meat, the chicken oil brushed to the chicken and with the rice is a nice touch.


SEAFOOD KARE-KARE – mix of seafood, two kinds of bagoong, native vegetables

Something for the seafood lovers this time, try their Seafood Kare-kare. A number of crustaceans and other seafood bits laid it this rich peanut sauce and then you hit it with the bagoong for added savory flavor. Tried some of the scallops with the rich sauce with some rice and it was very nice. Really liked the bagoong with a bit of spice to go with the kare-kare.


CHORIZO CALLOS – ox tripe and pork hock stew with spanish chorizo, chickpeas, and tomatoes

Now this is one of my favorite dish that was served during the dinner. Perhaps because I’m partial to Spanish Chorizo and all its savory goodness. This time its a stew with a rich tomato base with tender, tender pieces of pork hock and peas. This one’s very flavorful, with the chorizo rendering some of its fat and flavor to the base of the stew, it makes for a fantastic callos dish!


GINDARA MAYONESSA – baked gindara topped with mayonnaise, chopped eggs, capsicums, relish and onions

I love GINDARA! Its one of the few fish dishes that I’m actually fond of eating. I just love its creamy texture and clean flavor. Their Gindara Mayonessa boasts some vibrant colors with the relish on top to match the wonderfully tender baked fish as the base. The gindara was delightfully soft and then you hit the topping for that nice contrast of flavor and texture.


UBE TRES LECHES – purple yam chiffon cake soaked in three kinds of milk, topped with dessicated coconut

This one’s very simple but really good. A nice and fluffy chiffon cake of ube base that’s soaked in three kinds of milk. It makes for an infinitely more creamy base with a light ube frosting to match the milk-y goodness of the cake base. Then you hit the pieces of dessicated coconut for some texture.


BRAZO DE CALAMANSI – burnt meringue cake with calamansi curd filling

Their Brazo de Calamansi is a nice dessert, specially if you got some very rich and decadent dishes and you find yourself craving for something tart and refreshing to cap off your meal. Fluffy meringue cake with edges having this nice burnt layer for some caramelization. Then you hit that refreshing calamansi curd filling!


SALTED EGG AND QUESO BIBINGKA – local rice cake with salted eggs and queso de bola

Perhaps one of my favorite treats during the holidays, something about Bibingka makes me feel whimsical and nostalgic, reminding me of the good times, it’s definitely a feel-good food for me, something about it just elevates my mood. Their Salted Egg and Queso Bibingka had this nice fluffy base studded with pieces of salted egg and queso de bola for some sharp cheese and savory goodness.

I really enjoyed the Colors of Christmas dinner at Museum Cafe and Kabila. A set menu for the holidays, a timely addition for the parties and festivities for the month. Be treated to a number of their signature dishes and some new ones to be enjoyed this holiday season. If ever you plan your parties and get together in the Greenbelt area then these restaurants and this set menu should be on your list of go-to.

Museum Cafe and Kabila

Level 1, Greenbelt 4,
Ayala Center, Makati City
(02) 757-3000

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