New at Yabu: The Don Series Continues with Gyudon

Yabu House of Katsu – Recently they launched new menu items called The Don Series. While I’m partial to the fatty and flaky goodness of their Salmon Don (check out my previous post about their other donburi sets), this one is quite special too as it would be the first beef dish in Yabu. Something that’s familiar, comforting and filling – the third iteration of their donburi sets is the GYUDON.

yabu_don_series_gyudon_featured_posterThicker slices of beef sets this one apart from the others that I’ve tried with the sauce, ginger, and pickled stuff on the side.yabu_don_series_gyudon_appetizer1

WAKAME – seaweed salad topped with ebiko
SUPERIOR POTATO AND EGG SALAD – chunks of potato and egg, tossed in creamy mayonnaise-mustard dressing

yabu_don_series_gyudon_appetizer2Starting with something simple, Wakame of simple seaweed bits topped with ebiko and a staple for my appetizer dish order at Yabu, their Superior Potato and Egg Salad that’s creamy and quite filling.

yabu_don_series_mozzarella_katsu_sticks_posterThis one’s a new treat as well, they recently released these Mozzarella Katsu Sticks with the same awesome light and crispy batter of panko casing a generous filling of creamy gooey cheese. This is very addicting and while I enjoy them as is, the honey mustard dip that they served it with really elevates the flavor of the appetizer dish, so good! This is available for a limited time only while supplies last on all of their stores. I really really hope that they make this a regular though, so simple but good.


GYUDON – grilled US beef belly in honey soy sauce, sauteed onions, topped with poached egg on a bed of japanese white rice. served in a hot stone pot

What sets their Gyudon apart from the others that I’ve tried before are the slices of beef, generous portion of sliced grilled US beef belly that are slightly thicker giving you a meatier mouth feel, I love how the sides of the meat becomes more charred and toasted because it’s served in a hot stone pot, and the caramelized, toasted rice bits on the bottom of the bowl gives it another flavor like the socarrat on paellas. This is so good with a lot of fluffy white rice.

yabu_don_series_gyudon_poster2Another thing that I liked is that they serve the sauce, ginger and pickled stuff on the side so you can control the intensity of the flavor that you put from the honey soy sauce that they served it with. This will be available on all Yabu stores starting today.

yabu_don_series_kuromitsu_ice_cream_posterAnother new item on the menu, this time a dessert item (YEY!!!) is this Kuromitsu Ice Cream of light and creamy vanilla base drizzled with japanese sugar syrup / black honey giving it some sweetness, it’s also topped with roughly chopped almonds for some texture. Simple but quite good.

Something new to try at Yabu, another iteration of their Donburi series, try their Gyudon it’s definitely my type of comfort food – no frills, simple and hefty portion of meat and a lot of rice. 😀

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