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IPPUDO – A few days ago I went back to Ippudo to check out their new dishes, this includes a new ramen variant that promises to give you a new dimension of spice, I also tried their new ramen sidekicks and I really liked the stuff that they launched. So here’s a rundown of the new items that you should try on your next meal at Ippudo.

ippudo_spicy_black_ramenStarting with the limited edition Spicy Black Ramen. Taking inspiration from different cuisines like Indian, Malaysian, and Chinese they developed this complex broth of their signature tonkotsu base with a mixture of herbs and spices that makes for this unique spicy flavor, a whiff tells you the spices that they used and it’s quite addicting actually and just perfect with the rainy weather. Now since I’m not really a fan of really spicy food, I could only finish the noodles and maybe half of the soup. Of course the tender pork pieces and the ajitamago are vital components also. To be honest this is like an upgraded version of Tantanmen which I really like. But this time you haveĀ  have the ground meat bits and those tender slices of chashu together in one hot and comforting bowl.

ippudo_spicy_black_ramen_sidekicks_fried_chicken_bunA new favorite at IPPUDO!!! Seriously while I love their pork buns and all that fatty, almost melt in your mouth chashu goodness, this Fried Chicken Bun is a revelation! Starts with a fantastic soft and fluffy bread base just enough to encase all the deliciousness and then there’s the chicken fillet – crispy on the outside with a nice sweet sauce glaze but still moist and tender as you bite into it. I can probably finish 10 of this. So good!!!

ippudo_spicy_black_ramen_sidekicks_beef_ishiyaki_riceippudo_spicy_black_ramen_sidekicks_beef_ishiyaki_rice2Rice bowl! A new rice based dish at Ippudo and a very good one at that. This Beef Ishiyaki Rice is composed of stewed beef in yakiniku sauce – the meat pieces were nice and tender and quite flavorful and then you have the melted butter, corn, cherry tomatoes and crisp garlic bits all on top of rice. Basically you mix the components together breaking down the meat so it gets mixed with the rice and the other components and then pour over that sauce for added savory goodness. I suggest eating this with an extra order of their ajitamago the creamy yolk of the egg is just perfect for this rice bowl dish.

ippudo_spicy_black_ramen_sidekicks_fried_chicken_saladFried Chicken Salad – And because life is all about balance, why not start with a salad right? And for meat lovers they got you covered as well as this simple looking salad dish is topped with awesome pieces of crispy chicken skin and together with the slightly tart and refreshing vinaigrette that it’s served with, it’s one good starter dish.

ippudo_spicy_black_ramen_sidekicks_okonomiyakiMy absolute favorite from the ramen sidekicks that they launched aside from that amazing fried chicken bun is this Okonomiyaki. What makes it special you might ask – well aside from the well made fluffy base and the flavorful sauce that it’s topped with, this actually comes with perfectly cooked, melt-in-your-mouth chashu pieces. GOOD!!!

ippudo_spicy_black_ramen_sidekicks_nanban_karaageThis Nanban Karaage is quite good as well. Crispy chicken cutlets drizzled with this nice sweet sauce glaze served with tartar sauce and a side of salad. This is quite flavorful that I’d gladly eat it with a bowl of rice.

ippudo_spicy_black_ramen_sidekicks_chicken_wingsFrom one chicken dish to another, you should try these chicken wings too. I like how it remained crispy even with that sweet sauce glaze another winner side dish that’s best eaten with your hands.

ippudo_spicy_black_ramen_sidekicks_matcha_creme_bruleeI was so full after the dinner but thankfully I still managed to save some room for desserts, I had the Matcha Creme Brulee and it was quite good. nice caramelized topping that breaks / brittle as you hit it with a spoon. Good matcha flavor here, a good balance of the earthy flavor from the tea and the slight sweetness from the caramelized bits and pieces.

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