New Lunch Specials at Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse recently launched a number of new lunch specials, some new and exciting palatable dishes along with familiar favorites. They also started a promotion for the 16th anniversary of their Glorietta branch where you can savor all of their burger treats at 50% off (available all weekdays of  May).

outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_featured_posterThis is the best-seller from the new lunch items and understandably so as it’s very good, so simple and well prepared Brick Chicken with a flavorful, slightly tangy sauce.outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_outback_special1outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_outback_special2Started something that’s more familiar, their Outback Special of the restaurant’s signature sirloind seasoned with their unique blend of bold spices and seared beautifully, I prefer my steaks medium rare and this is quite a good cut, and they’re offering it at a lower price for lunch time, get this and maybe a nice glass of red and you’re lunch is good.

outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_chicken_fried_chicken1 outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_chicken_fried_chicken2There’s also the Chicken Fried Chicken that really resembles a country fried chicken of a piece of breast hand breaded and fried until crispy and golden. I like how the chicken meat is not dried at all, I also suggest that you request the creamy and flavorful white gravy to be served separately so you still get all those crispy bits from the batter.

outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_towoomba_topped_doryIf you happen to be a seafood lover then you shouldn’t miss on their Towoomba Topped Dory, the piece of fish is slightly seared for some color and a bit of texture and then it’s topped with this very flavorful towoomba topping of a thick sauce with succulent shrimp pieces. Good stuff!

outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_aussie_tacoAnother favorite from the new lunch specials is their Aussie Chicken Tacos of two BIG pieces of flour tortillas stuffed with a combination of chicken and veggies, the ratio of the stuffing is very good and you get more of the grilled meat in every bite. The serving portion is quite big for this one and I’d say this can easily be good for sharing. It’s a filling meal with good flavor and textures, and if you like chicken and tacos like me, this is a must-try!

outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_brick_chicken2But the best-seller among the new lunch items is definitely their Brick Chicken. If you’re familiar with the term ala plancha then you’ll have a good idea of this dish. Basically the piece of chicken is cooked with something heavy pressing on it, flattening the other side making for a fantastic even, well seared side. They sear the piece of chicken breast skin side down so you get that extra crispy chicken skin (awesome!) and then you top it with this unique sauce that’s flavorful and quite tangy leaving you wanting for more.

Do check out their promo for their burgers too, you get 50% off of every burger purchase from May 4 – 31 (All weekdays of May)

outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_typhoon_burgerNow I say it’s a pretty damn good deal, my personal favorite from their burger menu is this Typhoon Burger where the patty is topped with their signature typhoon bloom petals, american cheese, lettuce, tomato and typhoon bloom sauce. You get to munch on a big burger made even more awesome with those onion rings topping making every bite infinitely more flavorful and giving it a nice crunch too.

outback_steakhouse_lunch_specials_outbacker_burgerBut if you want a no-frills burger, go get their Outbacker Burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and mustard and you can also add cheese with no extra charge. You know sometimes when you want to get back to basics and unclutter the burger, this one’s for you.

I must say the new lunch specials of Outback Steakhouse was quite good. I love the Towoomba Topped Dory and the Brick Chicken. And that 50% off deal on burgers is a real treat as well. I checked out their new branch at Blue Bay Walk as well and it’s definitely their most gorgeous store complete with a nice al fresco dining area.

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