NEW: Taste the World Dishes by Pepper Lunch

I’ve been a big fan of Pepper Lunch and their signature beef pepper rice, the reason being I’m more of a meat person and rice is a mainstay have in my everyday meals. The thought of flavorful strips of meat tossed with their aromatic pepper rice is enough to make me hungry and craving for its sizzling goodness. The Pinoy Fiesta dishes that they launched a while back was a big hit for me, I mean sisig and lechon in pepper rice form? A BIG YES! So Imagine my excitement when they announced the launch of their new beef pepper rice creations where they took inspiration with some familiar flavors and cuisines allowing you to taste the world with their awesome new dishes.


BISTECCA BEEF PEPPER RICE – aromatic rosemary in olive oil, olives

This is definitely one of those dishes where simple is more, I just love the aroma on this one an irresistible whiff from the rosemary mixed in with the meat and the pepper rice is enough to make one salivate, pour in the olive oil and rosemary mixture as you mix all the components together where simplicity is what makes the dish all sorts of awesome. Between the well seasoned beef, olive oil, and rosemary this is definitely a nice filling treat. Good stuff.


BULGOGI BEEF PEPPER RICE – tender beef in sweet sauce, kimchi

This is definitely my favorite from the new dishes that we tried. The balance of the flavor on this one is just spot on and it’s so good! Tender, flavorful strips of beef glazed in this sweet sauce that makes every spoonful a treat, but really what makes this dish so special for me is the kimchi. It’s the thing that balances all the rich flavors from the beef and pepper rice with just the right amount of spice and acidity. This is really good, a must-try!


BURRITO BEEF PEPPER RICE – mexican spices, beans, gooey cheese, salsa

Among the three new beef pepper rice dishes, this is the most impressive when it comes to flavor. Truly a good burrito in beef pepper rice form, they absolutely nailed the flavor combination on this one. Of tender beef slices tossed in flavorful pepper rice mixed with mexican spices, beans and that salsa to give some refreshing kick. An extra order of cheese is a MUST for me, that gooey string-y cheese going through the rice is a real treat and makes this dish infinitely more delicious and fun to eat.

I really enjoyed the Taste the World dishes, three new beef pepper rice treats that they will launch at the start of February. Will have a little treat for you guys once the dishes is rolled out so stay tuned! 😉

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