Hefty Foodie’s Quick Bites and Random Cravings: NutriRite Cereal Drink

Reviving my quick bites and random cravings series of post with this new instant cereal drink that I’ve been snacking on recently. Brought in by a big food and beverage brand, Food Empire the NutriRite cereal drink comes in three flavors; original, oats and honey, and low fat.


This has replaced some of my usual heavy breakfast meals lately, it’s quick and easy to prepare, and surprisingly filling.nutririte_feature_original

The original has got to be my favorite flavor among the three variants. What I really like about this cereal drink is the texture, they don’t scrimp on oats and you really have those nice chunks in the drink with its creamy base making it more interesting in terms of texture. The flavor on this one is reminiscent of corn with that tinge of sweet flavor, coupled with the oats makes for a simple and good drink.

nutririte_feature_oats_and_honeyI also like the oats and honey, primarily because I like honey and its sweet slightly floral whiff and flavor is very evident in this drink. For the oats and honey I like to mix it with some warm milk instead of your usual hot water and I really think it elevates the flavors of the drink nicely.


And they also have a low fat version for the health conscious, this has to be my least favorite of the three variants, primarily because it’s the weakest in terms of flavor. So when I drink it I usually pair it with some fruits to elevate the flavors a bit.

Oh and they also got a new endorser in Ellen Adarna, you can check them out on Facebook and YouTube as they launched a series of videos on how to Start Your Day Right with NutriRite.

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