Oki Oki: A Budget Friendly Alternative

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Been craving for ramen for quite some time, finally appeased myself with Oki Oki

The place looks and feels okay and the staff are very welcoming. We tried their Gyu to Kimchi and Negi Ramen.

Gyu to Kimchi Ramen (P265)

Gyu to Kimchi is beef in kimchi topped on egg noodles in broth. It’s not too spicy and was quite filling. The servings here are quite big. (see the caption of the first picture) When I asked the waiter what was the soup base for this dish he said broth and this was my reaction — O_O Anyway the dish tasted good, the flavors from the kimchi and beef worked well together.

Negi Ramen is sliced pork chasyu (stewed pork) and ground pork with onion leeks. I’m a shameless meat lover and I’d normally order it with no veggies but I thought a few leeks wouldn’t hurt so I didn’t. 😀 Liked the flavors here; the chasyu as well as the soup base. When you eat it the raw leeks add that tinge of crunch that I really liked.

Gyu Yakitori (P185)

Their Gyu Yakitori (Beef BBQ) was good that I missed my yakiniku escapades when I was munching on it. The cuts were cooked just right and the flavors were really infused throughout.

Mango Split (P190)

Decided the finish it off with their Mango Split that is ripe mango slices topped with ice cream and cream with chocolate syrup. The mangoes tasted great, what’s a shame however was the quality of their ice cream, it was really dirty ice cream-likeConsidering the price I really think they should have picked better ingredients.

VERDICT: Oki Oki offers good quality ramen with a generous serving at that. Our dining experience here was quite pleasant. (well it was until my dessert order came) I’d really recomment this place if you want good quality ramen dishes that is not too pricey.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Their ramen dishes were of large serving and was certainly worth the price. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Oki Oki, Trinoma Mall

EDSA cor. North Ave.
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Philippines (02)

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