[OTKB] Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar at Bonifacio High Street

[OTKB] Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar — A casual dining place at the heart of Bonifacio High Street. Even though they’re still at the soft opening phase, the restaurant concept of fine antipasti and well plated entrees shows great promise, I’ve been there thrice since last week, pretty much tried more that half of the items on the menu, and so far, so good! An open kitchen with industrial lighting fixtures set as a focal point of the restaurant, a spacious dining area with a few tables makes for a pleasant vibe that’s very inviting; cozy and laid back.

BACON BRUSCHETTA — It’s no secret that I’m partial to this well-loved cured meat and all its fatty, savory awesomeness. This is one of my favorite antipasti at OTKB, primarily because of its simplicity and how its just downright good. A play of flavors and textures that makes sense, clever and well thought off.

[OTKB] Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar Menu: Antipasti Bar, Soup, Salad, Mains, Pizza, Pasta, Drink List The restaurant is still at its soft-opening phase, some of the menu items may vary when they formally launch it in a month’s time.

You go to OTKB for the awesome stuff from their Antipasti Bar, small plates of happiness. Of playful takes on flavor and texture that’s well executed , the good stuff!

FRESH RICOTTA (P170) —¬†roasted cherry and heirloom tomatoes, oven dried grapes, rough raisin and pine nut pesto

Starting off with something really simple, their FRESH RICOTTA.¬†Cheese that’s freshly made presents with a very light, buttery flavor then you hit the some sweet fruity notes from the raisins, berries and the grapes. Then you hit the nuts giving a nice tinge of crunch to the bite and a dash of earthy flavor to it, it’s served with some kind of crispy bread.


STRACCHINO ARRANCINI(P170) — stracchino, pickled red onions, fennel sausage ragu or pomodoro sauce


During my first visit at OTKB, I was with two risotto lovers G and Y, that’s exactly why we tried their STRACCHINO ARANCINI. Light and creamy fried rice bowls of cheesy bliss. The batter was crispy and light and then you hit the filling of starchy, creamy, and cheesy goodness. Then you hit it with the meat based ragu, adding another layer of richness and savory flavor to the dish. Then there’s the pickled onions ever so refreshing balancing all the flavors together.


GOATS CHEESE & BEETS(P310) — roasted pickled jelly and compressed beets, balsamic and raspberry dressing, goats cheese mousse, dill crumble

Compressed beets improves its texture, it presents with a rather smooth and light mouth feel that goes really well with the delicate and creamy goats cheese. There’s the light cheese base and some earthy sweet notes from the beets and a tinge of crunch from the mico greens. Then you hit the raspberry dressing giving a dash of sweet and tart kick to everything, simple and good.


RICOTTA GNOCCHI(P380) — butter and cream sauce, sous vide egg, hazelnuts, sage, prosciutto

Their RICOTTA GNOCCHI was fantastic! A butter and cream sauce that’s light coupled with the gnocchi bits that’s perfectly cooked, and then you hit the sous vide egg and then that glorious golden goodness of the yolk bursts out and covers everything adding an extra punch of richness to the already awesome cream sauce base. Prosciutto bits with its savory, cured awesomeness adds a spike of flavor to the pasta dish.


HALIBUT & FRITES (390) — halibut fillets, battered potatoes, Italian remoulade

We had contradicting opinions about their HALIBUT & FRITES, G thought the fillets had traces of this fishy taste that he did not like and shared that dory might worked better for this, since its a pretty plain fish that sucks up all the flavor components that you throw at it. I on the other hand considered that halibut has more character than the usual dory and hit it with a dash of lemon to neutralize the flavor. But overall we found it to be a bit underwhelming, it was our least favorite of the night. After trying some really good stuff from the antipasti, I think we got our hopes really high when we tried something from the mains.


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