Oudon Restaurant at The Forum South Global, BGC

OUDON RESTAURANT – After the wave of ramen houses in the metro, sometimes you crave for something different, perhaps something with a lighter soup base but equally filling. Last night I tried this new restaurant in The Forum South Global that serves good udon sets.

oudon_restaurant_forum_bgc_tenzaru_oudonThis is their Tenzaru Oudon that’s chewy, thick udon noodles served cold, you have to dip it to their nice light and flavorful broth along with other components for a more complex taste. It’s also served with an assortment of tempura and a bowl of chahan (fried rice).

A nice appetizer simmered radish with squid РIka Daikon, the radish pieces had this nice soft mouth feel and it changed its flavor profile too, then you hit the slightly chewy squid pieces, quite good.

oudon_restaurant_forum_bgc_teba_gyoza1 oudon_restaurant_forum_bgc_teba_gyoza2For those who love chicken wings and gyoza, do try their Teba Gyoza. Nice pieces of chicken wings cooked well, deep fried and golden and then as you bite into it, you hit the meat and veggies stuffing that’s similar to a gyoza.

oudon_restaurant_forum_bgc_tori_karaageFrom one good chicken appetizer dish to another, I really enjoyed their Tori Karaage of lightly battered and beautifully fried chicken pieces – squeeze some of the lemon and hit it with that creamy sauce that had these chopped chives mixed in. Give me a bowl of fried rice with this and I’m a happy camper.

oudon_restaurant_forum_bgc_tempura_moriawaseAnd of course we had to get the Tempura Moriawase, and it’s actually quite good! Perfectly fried and golden in this light and crispy batter and then you hit the plump shrimp piece as you bite into it. Just don’t forget to add some of the grated radish to the sauce that it’s served with and it’s all good.

oudon_restaurant_forum_bgc_satsuma_ageBut the favorite from the appetizers that we tried is definitely their Satsuma-age. A Japanese version of the fish cake and a damn good one at that, a nice fluffy base mixed with other seafood treats like squid and shrimp that makes for this bold flavor and then you have hints of smokiness running through the background. GOOD STUFF!


For those that like their broth milk-y and creamy, do try the Cream Zanmai Oudon of their chewy thick noodles cooked in cream sauce topped with a mixture of seafood and meat. This is quite good, since I’m partial to anything with a creamy and velvety soup base, this is quite the treat.

oudon_restaurant_forum_bgc_nabeyaki_oudonI really wanted to try their Wagyu Sukiyaki Oudon but unfortunately it was out of stock during the time of our visit so I got this Nabeyaki Oudon that’s served with two pieces of tempura, egg and chahan instead. Now this is quite filling imagine the thick and chewy noodles with the rice and everything, you’ll definitely hit the wall once you finish everything. Oh and do take note they give free refill of the noodles and the broth, awesome right?!

oudon_restaurant_forum_bgc_matcha_ice_creamAfter finishing my udon set I was so full, barely leaving enough space for dessert but I’m glad I did because their Matcha Ice Cream is quite awesome. I really like the bold tea flavor on this one, it’s a great and refreshing sweet tooth treat after the heavy meal.

I had a nice dining experience at Oudon Restaurant at The Forum South Global. If you’re looking for a filling meal around the area, do check this place out, they have big serving sizes for their udon sets and it’s very filling. I’d be back for that Wagyu Sukiyaki Oudon and maybe try some of their rice meals as well.

Oudon Restaurant

The Forum,
7th Avenue Corner Federacion Drive,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
(02) 246-9069 ext:215
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