Burger Night at Pablo’s Pub and Restaurant in The Forum, BGC

We recently had a burger night for a dinner at Pablo’s Pub and Restaurant in The Forum, BGC. We tried some of their new offerings – a small selection of burgers where they cook it a bit smashed with a variety of toppings. I’ve been meaning to try the place for quite some time and heard good things about their food and drinks, a few days ago we tried some of their new burgers and some bar chow.

pablos_bgc_chicharon_bulaklakI must tell you their Chicharon Bulaklak is really good! Void of that oily mouth feel and after-taste, you’re left with this salty, really crispy treats that’s just perfect with a pint of beer. It was so good I wanted to eat it with rice.

pablos_bgc_chicken_tendersTheir Spicy Chicken Tenders is actually really good too. Imagine your favourite buffalo chicken wings in bite size form. The pieces were quite crispy on the edges but juicy and tender as you bite into it and coated with a slightly spicy sauce and served with a creamy blue cheese dip.

pablos_bgc_nacho_libreA Mexican-themed burger that they call Nacho Libre is actually quite filling with its 1/3 pound patty topped with jalapenos, a homemade nacho sauce and melted cheese. The flavor on this one was quite interesting, it reminded me of a good nachos with the meat of the burger patty nice and toasted on the sides.

pablos_bgc_wake_me_upOf course I had to order the one with lots of bacon. This thing of beauty is called Wake Me Up – half pound of the same smashed burger patties topped with sunny side up egg, crispy bacon, special sauce and slices of cheddar cheese. While I like the slightly toasted edges of their smashed burgers and the nice hint of smokiness from the meat, some parts of the burger patty that they served was a bit overcooked. It’s quite unfortunate really since I really liked the flavour of the burger.

pablos_bgc_cheesecakeFor our dessert, we tried their Homemade Cheesecake that’s topped with a blueberry compote. Creamy and velvety cheesecake base with a nice sweet graham crust. This is quite good, void of gelatin and is filled with creamy, cheesy goodness – pairs well with coffee too.

I really hope they sort out the problem of their burger patties, the burger that I tried was good but one of the patties was a bit overcooked which is a shame since I loved the flavour combination of the burgers. The saving grace of our visit though was their fantastic bar chow as both the chicharon bulaklak and spicy chicken tenders was really good.

Pablo’s Bar and Restaurant

The Forum, 7th Avenue Corner Federacion Drive,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
(02) 246-9069 ext:343
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