Palatable Dishes and Killer Cocktails at The Bowery BGC

The Bowery BGC – Since this restaurant opened I’ve heard great things about the place, how they serve really good food and with laudable consistency with quality of food and service. Most of my friends have nothing but raves about the place and finally I was able to go there for a quick dinner and drinks with some friends last night.

the_bowery_bgc_lobster_truffle_mac_and_cheese1And the stuff that we tried were all fantastic! From the appetizers tothe mains even the sides all very good – no wonder this place is always packed with casual drinkers and diners alike. A thing of beauty – their Lobster Shrimp Truffle Mac and Cheese of a harmonious blend of creme fraiche, cream cheese and mozzarella and that wonderful toasted cheese and crumb topping with these jewels of plump seafood pieces that brings much flavor to the dish – SO GOOD!

the_bowery_bgc_lobster_truffle_mac_and_cheese2Come on what’s not to like about a creamy and cheesy dish crowned with lobster pieces and a nice crumb and cheese topping? This is one awesome comfort food treat that’s meant for sharing.


the_bowery_bgc_steamed_musselsFrom one decadent dish to a lighter one – you shouldn’t skip their Steamed Mussels as it’s very good as well. A flavourful broth that’s made with a unique Thai spiced beer broth and then you hit the juicy and ever so flavourful crustaceans and you mop everything with a piece of crusty bread.

the_bowery_bgc_the_sixth_street_special_sssWe did a simple food and cocktail pairing that night and for the starters that we got, we paired it with their Sixth Street Special (SSS). Now this is one unique (and very good) drink that has a nice vanilla vodka based laced with some tumeric, citrus and star anise with a spiced salt and sugar rim. It’s actually very light and refreshing with the whiff and slight flavour from the anise running through the background.

the_bowery_bgc_roasted_rosemary_chickenI really, really liked their Roasted Rosemary Chicken – a dish that’s so simple but so, so good! Every component was well prepared from the heavenly bed of parmesan polenta to the wine steeped cherry pieces that gives it a nice hint of sweetness and the roast chicken that’s well coked – nice and slightly charred outer bits but still succulent and tender to the bite.

the_bowery_bgc_turkey_meat_loafI was never a fan of turkey so imagine my surprise of how good their Turkey Meatloaf was. A ring of braised beans and carrots with a creamy mashed potato base and the pieces of meat loaf very tender and juicy and had that nice, pronounced meaty flavor and thad this nice slightly sweet red wine gravy that coats everything that kind of reminded me of ketchup. This is one good meat loaf.

the_bowery_bgc_margaririFor the mains, we paired it with their MargaRiri that’s an eye candy of a layered drink composed of fresh citrus margarita, apple vinegar, red wine floater and a salt and sugar rim. This reminded me of a nice sangria but definitely a notch lighter and more citrus-y, this one’s good too.

the_bowery_bgc_swazeracThen we moved on to desserts that we paired with this killer drink – their Swazerac that’s a mixture of rittenhouse rye, chocolate liqueur teardrops, xocolat mole and orange cream bitters on an absinthe laced glass. It was quite a strong drink but it paired really well with the sweet tooth treats that we tried.

the_bowery_bgc_death_by_chocolate_cakeNot only is their Death by Chocolate Cake a thing of beauty but they absolutely nailed the flavour and texture combination on this one – seven layers of chocolaty goodness served with chocolate anglaise and cacao nibs – this is a chocoholic’s dream dessert a party in your mouth that will give you pure bliss.

the_bowery_bgc_grandmas_pear_pieI’m not really a fan of apples so imagine my excitement when they served us this Grandma’s Pear Pie – an awesome sweet tooth treat with a nice back story, the chef shares how his dad doesn’t eat apples so in their household, apple pies are a no go, so her grandmother would make this using pear as substitute. And this was one dreamy dessert – my favourite component was the crust made with a nice combination of butter for flavor and lard (yes, the pork fat!) to make the pastry base infinitely more flaky and then you hit the warm and comforting pear pieces with the cold relief of the vanilla bean ice cream and then you hit it with some of that hot toddy caramel sauce. SO GOOD! A definite must-try!

I absolutely loved the stuff that we had for dinner at The Bowery BGC, the countless raves from my foodie friends were true – their food is fantastic and when you match it with their nice comfy interiors and killer drinks, now I understand why this place is usually packed even in the wee hours. I’ll definitely go back as there’s a lot of dishes that I want to try.

The Bowery NYC Comfort Food

Forbeswood Heights, Burgos Circle,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
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