PAMPANGA FOOD TRIP: Banh Mi Vietnamese Eatery

BANH MI VIETNAMESE EATERY was the other stop of our recent Pampanga Food Trip and damn do I miss this place. Seriously good sandwiches and other food items, this is probably the BEST Vietnamese food that I had, so simple but the flavor and texture combination was just so good, with good ingredients as the star of the show. A few days after our trip, I got a lot of cravings from the stuff that we tried here, I really hope they consider opening a store in the Metro really soon. This place SHOULD BE on your go-to list when you do a food trip in Pampanga.

banh_mi_vietnamese_eatery_angeles_pampanga_featured_posterA special combination banh mi of their housemade chicharon, ham, bacon, and hoisin sauce. SO GOOD! A place of humble beginnings with a very talented chef at the helm of the operations.banh_mi_vietnamese_eatery_angeles_pampanga_signature_salad_roll

SIGNATURE SALAD ROLL – filled with sausage, shrimp, lettuce, pickled vegetable, fried wonton, peanut sauce

It’s not a secret that I’m more of a meat person and I’m not really a fan of salads and green leafy stuff but there’s just something about their food that made me enjoy even the vegetables. Like this Signature Salad Roll that had a generous stuffing of sausage, shrimp and veggies for a nice texture and that peanut sauce. Really good stuff, a bit of the sauce goes a long way but it’s really good that I wanted to drink the whole thing.

banh_mi_vietnamese_eatery_angeles_pampanga_iced_vietnamese_coffeeA real treat to us coffee lovers, you guys should definitely try this Ca Phe Sua Da / Vietnamese Iced Coffee that had this really nice bold flavor and is delightfully sweet and creamy at the same time. I think I had too much of this during our visit, really good stuff.


GOI GA – vietnamese cabbage chicken salad, peanuts, crispy wontons, mandarin orange miso-ginger dressing

Definitely one of the few times that I’ll rave about salads and veggie based dish but this Goi Ga is very good as well. The flavor profile is so refreshing and the texture and flavor components make it fun to eat. Generous portion of sliced chicken sitting on top of mixed greens for texture and that miso-ginger dressing with the oranges – really good. A very good starter dish that’s both flavorful and refreshing with fun texture and mouth-feel.


SPECIAL COMBINATION BANH MI – housemade chicharon, vietnamese ham, bacon, and hoisin sauce

banh_mi_vietnamese_eatery_angeles_pampanga_special_combination_banh_mi2The awesomeness of this sandwich alone would have me go back to this restaurant if ever we go to another Pampanga based food trip. SO GOOD! It all starts with the bread, nice crusty bread that’s so light and just enough to house all the deliciousness in a combination of ham, bacon, veggies and the irresistible crackle from their chicharon. Then you hit it with some more of the hoisin sauce and a bit of sriracha for some heat and its all good. A definite must-try!


COM TAM – BBQ PORK WITH RICE – fried spring roll, cucumber, pickled carrots daikon and steamed rice

Flavorful BBQ pork pieces on top of fluffy white rice made more interesting with the pickled veggies and that bright flavored, vinegar-based dip that it’s served with. A fun meal with a number of components with the pork pieces, spring roll and other stuff that makes every bite interesting.

banh_mi_vietnamese_eatery_angeles_pampanga_ribsThis one is off the menu, a chef’s special that was conceived because they wanted to utilize every part of the produce they get, think of really, really good beer mate of big, meaty ribs covered in this sticky, sweet almost caramel like sauce base and had this crust of crushed peanuts. Really good! I’d enjoy this with lots of rice, on its own, or with an ice cold pint of beer.


“MI” VIETNAMESE MAMI – roasted chicken, lettuce, wheat grass, bbq pork and onion jam

Of course a visit here won’t be complete without trying a Pho of some sort so we decided to get their special of the day that is called “Mi” or Vietnamese Mami, which has slightly different components with the more popular Pho but is equally good and comforting. Eating this type of food would always remind me with some of my favorite episodes of Anthony Bourdain in No Reservations, a flavorful broth with nice thin egg noodles with some roasted chicken and bbq pork bits that harmonizes well with the other components, it’s a fun dish to eat as every bite, every slurp can be a different experience with the various components. So simple but very, very good.

I had an amazing dining experience at Banh Mi Vietnamese Eatery, until now I get cravings of the stuff we tried here, definitely a solid reason to go back to Angeles for another food trip. I really hope they consider opening a store in the Metro soon! The food is fantastic and the chef is so good at what he does and the best part, their prices are so affordable / reasonable. No wonder the place is always packed. This place should be on your must-try / go-to list.

Banh Mi Vietnamese Eatery

1-1 Pacimar Estate, Jesus Street,
Pulungbulu, Angeles City
0999 817 7896
Facebook Page

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