PAMPANGA FOOD TRIP: Crazy Pete’s Diner – BEST Fried Chicken in Clark

CRAZY PETE’S DINER in Clark Freeport was one of our stops during a recent Pampanga Food Trip. The place had a complete diner feel, a large sign, from the tables, chairs, and the booths the decor and most of all the uncomplicated diner comfort food. They really nailed the whole experience and it’s a perfect place to dine with friends / family or a large group of people, expats frequent it too.

crazy_petes_diner_clark_featured_posterHappiness is seeing this thing of beauty, their California Style Chicken and Waffles in all its crispy glory with the butterflied skin and its juicy meat, one of the best fried chickens that I had in recent memory.crazy_petes_diner_clark_malted_vanilla_milk_shakeMalted Vanilla Milkshake that’s really good, creamy and thick. I’m not sure how many parts of ice cream and milk this treat is composed of but it really hits the spot specially during the past summer days. Really good, definitely something that the kids will enjoy too.

crazy_petes_diner_clark_bacon_mac_and_cheese_fried_ballsOne of my favorite comfort food in bite-sized form. Bacon, Mac and Cheese Fried Balls with a nice crispy outer bits of light batter yielding a gooey cheesy filling of mac and cheese with some crispy bacon bits giving it a nice bit of savory flavor.

crazy_petes_diner_clark_new_england_clam_chowderNew England Clam Chowder is really comfort in a bowl, a soup base that’s quite thick and extremely flavorful with bits of real clams and other textural components served on a really good sourdough bread bowl. Would gladly eat this all day! Between the crusty bread soaked in all those yummy goodness and the flavorful soup, it’s a simple and very good comfort food treat.

crazy_petes_diner_clark_philly_cheese_steak_sandwichFor a hefty sandwich treat, you might want to check out this Dim’s Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with Fries. First off the bread is really good, nice toasted crust with a nice light and soft base enough to encase all the meat filling with the cheese sauce, peppers, and onion. This is quite a big sandwich and is definitely fine for sharing.

crazy_petes_diner_clark_bacon_cheeseburgerOf course we had to try their Bacon Cheeseburger of well seasoned, flavorful beef patty with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Imagine a no-frills good burger fix with a large side of fries with a flavorful burger patty as base. GOOD!

crazy_petes_diner_clark_chicken_and_wafflesBut the star of our meal at Crazy Pete’s Diner is definitely this California Style Chicken and Waffles. I mean look at this, definitely a treat with two large chicken pieces with all its crispy glory, a light flavorful batter with the crispy butterfly like skin and tender, moist meat served with maple syrup and crisped up waffle. SO GOOD! I heard they can serve this with rice and gravy too, definitely a must-try!

crazy_petes_diner_clark_ribsA real treat to us meat lovers, don’t miss on their Ribs! Each piece is coated with this sticky, sweet and smoky glaze that permeated through each piece of the meat, totally lip-smacking and just perfect with some rice or munch as is with your hands. This is served with some slaw and those killer corn breads. Good stuff

crazy_petes_diner_apple_pieAnother comfort food treat and a cure to my never-ending obsession with warm and cold desserts – Apple Pie is a nice sweet tooth treat with a big slice of apple pie with a nice sweet and crumbly streusel topping with a filling of apples that’s tender and with a tinge of cinnamon and into your mouth with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. GOOD!

I really enjoyed the stuff that we tried at Crazy Pete’s Diner in Clark. Definitely one of the best fried chicken that I’ve tried in recent memory, with big portions of food and quality service, this new diner should definitely be in your list when you eat out in Clark.

Crazy Pete’s Diner

Lot #1 Manuel A. Roxas Highway,
Clark Freeport Zone,
Angeles City, Pampanga
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