Paris Delice: Bon Appetit a tous!

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Went to Paris Delice with my office-mates.

When we got there, there were personnel from a T.V. station taking footages of the restaurant, interviewing the owner about how the restaurant came about. Smells like a T.V. feature.

The place was quite small, but still comfy. A bulk of the available space was allotted for the kitchen, which is a good thing.

We tried their pain au chocolat, torsade au chocolat, chocolat beignet, and chausson aux.

Pain au chocolat (P80)

Pain au chocolat is a chocolate croissant, the outer layer is flaky but is soft and a bit chewy towards the center. There you hit the chocolate filling that is quite wonderful. The sweetness level is just right.

Torsade au Chocolat (P80)

Torsade au Chocolat is a chocolate twist bread, basically it’s the same as their pain au chocolate in a different form factor. But I prefer the chocolate croissant over this one. You’ll get more fluffy goodness with the croissant.

Chocolat Beignet (P85)
nutella goodness! 😀

I’m a BIG fan of NUTELLA!  Hence I really liked this one!

Chocolat Beignet is their version of a chocolate donut inside is a load of nutella, I was in a trance while munching it and almost forgot that I’m not alone (LOL :D) and let my officemates try it.

Chausson Aux (P75) - buy one take one

Chausson Aux is apple turnover, it shares the flaky outer layer of the other breads we tried, its apple filling is not sweet.

VERDICT: Out of all the pastry shops that claim they serve authentic french breads this is by far the best. The quality of their breads is just remarkable and I’d definitely come back and try their other offerings. It’s just unfortunate that there was an undergoing taping for a possible T.V. feature when we got there. It’s hard to roam around the place and take pictures. Also, we opted to take the table near the entrance and the ventilation there wasn’t great, my office-mates ranted about it.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Their pastries aren’t actually cheap, but the quality your getting is worth every penny.


Paris Delice, Makati

1 Juno St., cor. Makati Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 798-0740

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  1. I love pastries. When I was in South Korea, I brought a lot of pastries from this pastry shop called Paris Baguette. I know they’re different from Paris Delice, I just happened to remember. Lol.

    I would definitely have that Beignet. :))

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