Pass a Good Time at Rue Bourbon

Went to Rue Bourbon with PH and Carlo, we wanted to try their flavored beer.

If you happen to know the former place where Malcolm’s was situated then you’d have no trouble finding the restaurant.

The place is nice with high chairs, the dining area at the ground floor is air-conditioned while the space at the second floor is for the smoking area.

We’re supposed to try their caramel beer but unfortunately it was not available so Carlo tried their Apple Beer.

Big Ass Apple Beer (P200)
Carlo and his big-ass Apple Beer
Apple Beer and PH

Carlo’s 6’5” tall, you can see why the serving is called big-ass. Their Big Ass Apple Beer is so-so, I guess I really yearned for the caramel version thus the disappointment.

Carlo also got their Fish and Chips and I went for their Mighty Po Chops

Fish and Chips (P340)
Fish and Chips (P340)

Their fish and chips is served with home-made wedges, the fish fillet itself is good, fairly seasoned and is still moist when you bite into it. The potato wedges is also good.

Mighty Po Chops (P600)
Mighty Po Chops (P600)

Their Mighty Po Chops  is a half-kilo chop stuffed with muffins, apple, and brown sugar.

Mighty Po Chops and it's stuffing (muffin, apple, and brown sugar)

It’s served with parsley rice and buttered vegetables. But what made this dish a winner is it’s Jack Daniel’s Sauce. At first glance it’s like  some pancake syrup, but it tasted like honey with a chili after taste that really went well with the meat.

The dish good for sharing, the meat itself is moist and the outer layer is crispy and nice.

For dessert I tried their Divine Melt Away

Divine Melt Away (P250)
Divine Melt Away (P250) with it's white truffle filling

Their Divine Melt Away is a molten chocolate cake with texture similar to that of a flourless one. It has a white truffle filling and is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

One thing I don’t like about it, when it was served, the white chocolate truffle filling that was supposed to be locked inside the chocolate lava  cake already oozed out, my guess was maybe there’s some leak at the bottom. It still tasted good tho.

VERDICT: Rue Bourbon offers good quality liquors and good food, definitely a great place to grab a pint. It’s really a shame though that we didn’t get to try their caramel beer, I’m definitely going back to this place and grab a pint of that caramel goodness.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Their food and liquor items might be considered pricey for some, but it’s definitely a good choice if you want to hang out with friends.

they also have 7% service charge


Rue Bourbon

108 H.V. Dela Costa Cor. Tordesillas
Salcedo Village, Makati City

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