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Breaking my hiatus with a feature about one of my favorite new restaurants of 2013, Pi: Breakfast and Pies in Malingap Street of Teachers Village, Quezon City. The newest concept of chef and restaurateur Ed Bugia, tucked in this small and meek place that exudes a homey ambiance alongside a whiff of the freshly baked pastries, it really makes for an irresistible combination. A menu consisting of breakfast favorites and sinfully indulgent comfort food and then there’s the signature dessert pies; rustic, homey, and absolutely delicious. What’s not to like?

A personal favorite among the dishes we tried is something that’s so simple but is just so damn good. Caramelized Spam with garlic and kimchi rice topped with a gorgeous six-minute egg and pesto.


CARAMELIZED SPAM (245) – garlic kimchi rice, six-minute egg, atchara.

Cubes of spam with this nice caramelized outer bits; sweet and a slight tinge of crunch from the toasted bits, then you hit the meat and a burst of savory flavour further titillates your taste buds. thenΒ  you pair it with the rice, oh that rice of sticky consistency and garlic-y flavor and then the kimchi bits giving a nice hint of spice just enough to keep you craving for more. And on top of that there’s the six-minute egg, similar to the soft-boiled eggs they serve in ramen places which by now you’d know that I’m certainly addicted with. You break the egg and all its golden, creamy, and gooey goodness coats everything making it an irresistible comfort food treat that I’m sure you’ll love. A definite must-try!


After placing our orders, the smell of the pastries was just too inviting I had to gave in, then I noticed this beauty, being drawn to its rather peculiar name, I tried a bunch of their Crazy Cookies (P45 / piece). I have to say, it was definitely love at first bite. A plethora of ingredients packed to this awesome sweet tooth treat, it’s so good I had to order half a dozen in advance for my late night snack at the office. All of which I devoured in one seating, that’s how good it is.

Pi: Breakfast and Pies’
Crazy Cookies (P45 / piece) is a harmonious combination of a lot of things, it’s stuffed with so much stuff you’d normally think that wouldn’t work together, but believe me it really does. Chocolate chips, nuts, and pretzels to name a few, The cookie has a nice tinge of crunch along the edges and chewy as you bite into it, the base is not too sweet and then you get these savory notes that’s just addicting. It pairs really well with their Cereal Milk, a pairing that will surely give you utter bliss.


EGGS BENNY (P275) – thick-cut bacon, six-minute eggs, english muffin, asparagus, sriracha hollandaise, spiced shoestring potato fries

Eggs Benedict, perhaps one of the most beloved breakfast treat, Pi: Breakfast and Pies’ version takes it a step further by using strips of thick-cut bacon. THAT’S RIGHT! THICK-CUT BACON + 6 MINUTE EGGS, two of the things I love all in one dish! Light and fluffy english muffin as base topped with big, thick-cut slices of bacon exploding in flavor, and then those soft-boiled eggs that I just can’t get enough of all enveloped by this hollandaise sauce that’s the right balance of buttery notes and just the right amount of tanginess.


THICK HOMEMADE BRIOCHE FRENCH TOAST (P185) – orange honey, ice cream, nuts

It’s no secret that I have this obsession of hot-and-warm desserts, and their french toast really hits the spot. Thick brioche bread ever so buttery; light and fluffy. Then you drizzle it with the honey for that extra kick of sweetness, then you get these faint notes of citrus to balance the taste. Then there’s the ice cream and that cold relief of each spoonful of the ice cream against the warm and flavorful toast, really good!


CHICKEN & WAFFLES (P165) – corn kernel, jalapeno, granny smith apples, blueberries, maple sour cream, chicken skin

Chef Ed’s clever and sinfully good interpretation of a breakfast staple, waffles, light and fluffy, crunchy on the edges with a corn and jalapeno base. Spice that’s not too overpowering, just enough to tickle your palate a little. That faint spice is balanced with a splash of their maple infused sour cream, balancing the flavors. Then you hit those chicken skin bits on top, really flavorful, sinful, and good packing a nice crackle.


HUEVOS RANCHEROS (P275) – zucchini, eggplant, sweet potato, beans, tomato, bacon, chicken skin, bell peppers, cheddar and ricotta cheese, cilantro, eggs, italian sausage

Their version of huevos rancheros is really laudable, being able to make a harmonious medley of flavors with all those components is no easy feat. Everything just works together with the rich tomato base accentuated with some bell peppers and all those cheese bits and the runny egg that’s enough to make anyone giddy with pleasure. Then you hit the meat bits; bacon, italian sausage, and chicken skin. This would make a perfect after-drinks / hangover treat.

For our sweet endings, we tried an assortment of their pies. Pies that are more homey and rustic that goes well with the overall look and feel of the place.

My absolute favorite is Choco Raspberry. and indulgent mix of really rich chocolate base topped with a glaze of raspberry goodness that gives you that fruity kick to balance the richness of the chocolate base. You might also want to try their Banana Cream Pie, over ripe bananas to achieve a certain amount of sweetness, creamy, fruity, and sweet. Once you try their banana cream pie, you’ll never settle with those banoffee pies that plagued aΒ  lot of dessert stores in the metro, their banana cream pie is legit, something that lingers, and will definitely leave you wanting for more.


Pi Breakfast and Pies

Teachers Village
39 Malingap St
Teacher Village – West, Quezon City
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  1. Wow! Another all-day-breakfast food heaven!!! I would love to try their Eggs Benny! I love eggs Benedict. I even tried making it at home, but for some reason, it didn’t turn out like the ones I’ve tried. It’s one breakfast food I would NEVER say no to.

    Trinket Bulseco

  2. i would like to try CHICKEN & WAFFLES. it looks delicious and i love waffles πŸ™‚

    Elaine Chua

  3. What dish of Pi Breakfast and Pies would you like to try and why?
    ANSWER: The dish of Pi Breakfast and Pies i would Like to try is CARAMELIZED SPAM because i love SPAM and it is really delicious.

    Rhozallino Ramones

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