Pistang Pinoy at F1 Hotel’s LUZVIMINDA 3

LUZVIMINDA 3 – Now on its third iteration, F1 Hotel Manila launches their famous Filipino Food festival themed buffet at their all-day dining restaurant. Diners will savor specialties from different regions of the country and this year’s theme is Pistang Pinoy. Everything in the buffet spread screams festivities, from the hearty meals prepared by their chefs to Filipino food staples that we’re all familiar with and enjoy.

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_featured_posterThis year they sourced three different chefs; Bruce Lim for Luzon, Tatung Sarthou for Visayas, and Sider Tatad for Mindanao, three great chefs whose recipes will be showcased in their buffet spread until the 25th of this month.The Buffet Spread

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_buffet_spread1An assortment of cheeses and a pancit cone station

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_buffet_spread2A lot of the dishes from the buffet spread are rich and decadent and here’s some squid ink rice and arroz valenciana for you to pair them with.

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_buffet_spread3Any fiesta wouldn’t be complete without Lechon, and here they have it in two variants; your usual whole roasted pig and a boneless lechon belly, pair them with a variety of their sauces and lots of rice.

Don’t forget to save room for desserts as they have a very nice line up for your sweet endings.

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_buffet_spread7Leche flan in flaky pastry? A big yes! Both these Pastel de Leche and Chocnut Cheesecake are a must-try!

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_buffet_spread6Some are a bit more unique and playful like this Pinoy Mille High Pie and Dodol which reminded me of puff pastry with a nice sweet and sticky filling.

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_buffet_spread4Don’t miss these very good Brazo de Ube and Bibingka Cheesecake too!

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_buffet_spread5They also have Theo and Fillo-based desserts; cream puffs, pastillas and truffles. The one with the dark chocolate base is fantastic!

Of course there’s always the stand outs from the buffet spread, I have them plated for better presentation, dishes that you should definitely try.

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_tuna_bihod_sisigIt’s my first time to try Tuna Bihod Sisig, the base is actually fish testicle and it’s surprisingly good! Very good, almost meaty flavor hear and with the onions and other components, it makes for a more interesting texture. This is best paired with plain white rice. And it’s cooked in a bamboo too, they keep the traditional way of cooking and presenting the dish.

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_dinuguan_pieAll of us got nothing but raves for this Dinuguan Pie. Imagine the classic puto and dinuguan that we all know and love in pie form! A flavorful meat base with a nice light and fluffy pastry topping that resembles a puto and that cheese layer on top is so good!!!

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_aligue_ravioliIf you want something filling and rich at the same time, try these Aligue Ravioli, between the perfectly cooked pasta and the rich cream sauce and the super flavorful filling, this pasta’s a winner!

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_lengua_pastel_maja_blancaAnother unique dish, playful and inspired, do try this Lengua Pastel Maja Blanca. It’s a unique hybrid of both familiar dishes that somehow works! Flavorful meat base, a rich sauce and those corn kernels gives you a pop of sweetness and nice contrast in texture too!

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_pork_humbaFor the meat lovers, their Pork Humba is a must-try! Pieces of pork cooked low and slow until very tender. I swear the fat trimmings will just melt in your mouth. And the sweet sauce base make this a perfect pair with rice.

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_oysters_mussels f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_lobstersSatisfy your seafood cravings from the spread as they have prawns, mussels, oyster and even lobsters. These crustacean treats can be cooked to your liking but if you like it simple, have it cooked in butter and a bit of lemon.

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_lechon2Of course the highlight at the carving station would always be the Lechon. Perfectly crispy skin with an irresistible crackle, meat with nice trimmings of fat and then you hit the lean bits with traces of local herbs and flavors reminiscent of roasted pigs that you have from the province. If you want more flavor on the meat, ask them to get from the rib part, that’s where the good bits are!

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_longanisaSomething that’s really simple but I really, really liked are these freshly grilled longanisa, they have two variants and both are good but I like them more on the salty and garlic-y side. So good with rice and sunny side up egg!

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_taho_panna_cottaA combination that makes so much sense, Taho Panna Cotta! Base that’s so light with a drizzling of sweet syrup and some chewy sago for texture. This is true comfort food, so simple but good.

f1_hotel_manila_luzviminda3_salted_egg_ice_creamBut my favorite from the dessert spread is this Salted Egg Ice Cream! I swear I wanted to take home a tub of this, so good! Everything from the flavor of the salted duck egg mixed in with a slightly sweet base and that slightly gritty texture that you get in the end of every spoonful. Pair this with their Bibingka Cheesecake and some good coffee and it’s all good!

The LUZVIMINDA 3 themed buffet will be available at F All Day Dining Restaurant until the 25th of June. Buffet rae is at P1,399 nett per person and you can add P100 to get an unlimited fill of Filipino drinks like sago’t gulaman, buco pandan, etc…

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