PR: Malaysian Culinary Treasures Featured at Corniche, Diamond Hotel

Malaysia offers one of Asia’s finest cuisines with its wide variety of cooking styles and flavors, mainly influenced by its three major races: Malay, Chinese and Indian, as well as the myriad of ethnic groups from its different regions. From September 5-16, experience Malaysian culinary diversity with MakananLazat: A Malaysian Food Festival, highlighting the culinary masterpieces meticulously prepared by guest Malaysian Chef Cheong Yan See of Enderun Colleges.


Prepare for a gastronomic feast and let the culinary adventure begin with a spread of authentic Malay fares at Cornicherestaurant’s lunch and dinner buffet. From the zesty appetizers, flavorful array of mains, to a tempting assortment of desserts, Chef See will ensure that Corniche’s sumptuous buffet with be teeming with Malaysia’s popular dishes. Enjoy the mouth-watering Curry Laksa(Egg Noodles with Coconut Curry Broth), DalchaKambing(Lamb Shank and Lentil Curry), NasiAyam Ipoh (Ipoh Chicken Rice) and KarryIkan(Snapper Fish Curry),andManggadan Sago Gula Melaka (Sago Pudding with Mango and Malaccan Coco-caramel Sauce).



September 5-16, 2012



Kerabu Daging Salai – Charbroiled beef with mango salad

Sayur Pecal – Native vegetable salad with peanut sauce

Taufu Sumbat – Stuffed tofu

Main Courses

Dalca Kambing – Lamb Shank and Chickpea stew

Ikan Asam Pedas – Hasa-hasa in Spicy Tamarind Gravy

Ayam Panggang Percik  – Malaysian Style Chicken Inasal

Udang Masak Sambal Pedas – My Mother’s style of chilli Prawns

Sayur Lodeh – Stewed jackfruit and native vegetables in yellow coconut gravy

Nasi Lemak –  Steamed coconut rice

Soup Station


Noodle station

Curry laksa


Airbatu Campur – Malaysian Halo-Halo

Bubur pulut Hitam – Red glutinous rice pudding

Serbernika kuih muih – selection of rice cakes



Kerabu jantung dan ayam panggang – Charbroiled chicken, palm and banana salad

Popiah – Fresh yambean springrolls

Salat timun, tomato bersama tairu – Mixed salad with yogurt dressing

Main Courses

Ipoh Chicken, rice and condiments

Babi masak taucheo dan balimbing- Stew spareribs with fermented soy beans, chilli and kamias

Beef Rendang – Slow cooked beef coconut stew

Mamak fish head curry – Famous tanguingue fish head and steaks curry

Lala Goreng Pedas- Stir fried chilli clams

Asparagus goreng dan sambal udang kering – Stir fried asparagus with dried shrimp chilli sauce

Hokkien Mee – Stir fried thick egg noodles in black smoke

Soup Station

Soto ayam – Chicken Broth

Satay Ayam Condiments and peanut sauce


Sago Gula Melaka –Shaved iced  with coconut sugar and sago

Bubur Kacang Merah – Red bean cream

Serbernika kuih muih – Selection of rice cakes



Kerabu ikan tenggiri, avocado dan tomato – Tanguingue ceviche with avocado and tomatoes

Sambal Udang, kacang botol and paku pakis – Shrimp, angled beans and fern top salad

Pasembor – Indian Rojak

Main Courses

Ayam Kurma – Chicken kurma stew

Briyani Rice – Saffron Basmati Rice

Masala Kambing bersama Sayur Bayam – Spinach and mutton masala

Ikan Kukus – Steamed Apahap with sour plum sauce

Sotong Sumbat Sambal tumis – Stuffed squid on sour chilli sauce

Soup Station 

Soup kambing – Malaysian version of a mutton soup # 5

Roti canai sandwich station with Curry chicken

Noodle Station

Mee rebus


Cicncau soya bean milk

Bubur Cha-Cha

Serbernika Kuih Muih


From September 5-16, 2012, satisfy your craving for Malaysian food for only Php 1,600 nett per person, or at Php 1,888 nett to include a free flow of tropical juices. And as you dine, experience a Malaysian spectacle with live demonstration by Chef Francis Loh, of how TehTarik, an Indian milk tea beverage, is made with some serious tea-pouring skills.

This food festival was made possible in partnership with Enderun Colleges, Robinsons Supermarket,and Tourism Malaysiaand in cooperation with media partner105.1 FM Crossover. This promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.


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