Prime Café: B Hotel Alabang’s All-Day Dining Bistro

PRIME CAFE – B HOTEL ALABANG, its Friday when we checked in and it was the perfect time for us to try their Lunch Buffet. The spread was fairly simple, a few dishes but seemed well prepared. I got to enjoy some good old local dishes here, thoroughly enjoyed their take on some of my favorite dishes.


SISIG! A sure crowd pleaser everytime, their take on it was quite good, nice crackle from some of the toasted bits and you get to enjoy a hint of acidity to balance the strong flavor of the meat, and some heat from the chili, leaving you wanting for more.


For starters you might want to go with the more familiar dishes, some nicely cooked onion rings paired with a bunch of dips and sauces, and crispy siomai; crisp outside cover / batter encasing a meaty finish that’s best enjoyed with your preferred sauces, my personal favorite is the classic combination of soy, calamansi and some chopped chili.


For something light, filled with bright flavors are these two; seafood savichi of delicate cuts of fish and other seafood all in a sour, bright flavored marinate, a nice hint of spice is adds a great finish to it. You can also try their grilled fish fillets enveloped by their chef’s special sauce, a nice combination of sweet and savory.


CHICKEN & VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS – A nice way to start your fill, light concoction of chopped chicken and veggies all wrapped in a crispy wanton wrapper, this pairs well with a sweet and chili sauce, it’s also a good way to trick the kids into eating veggies as it tastes good as well.


PRIME BBQ CHICKEN – A nice and simple take on a classic grilled dish, the pieces of chicken was lightly coated with this slightly sweet sauce, with the approximation of flavors reminding me of Inasal, the meat was flavorful enough that I enjoyed it even without the dips and sauces, and that faint, faint hint of spice in the background sure left me wanting for more, more rice that is! 😀


CRISPY PORK BELLY – Oh that pork belly!! Our eyes locked to this very dish the minute it landed its meaty, fatty glory on the buffet spread. The meat and the trimmings of fat oh so tender and then you hit the crispy outer bits, a nice crackle to go with the very tender and flavorful meat.


For something light to cleanse the palate, I suggest you try their take on Sinigang, Pork Belly slices in a sour, bright flavored tamarind broth, this stuff is seriously addicting, pairs really well with rice with the meat really, really tender and the flavor of the soup just wonderful.


For desserts, they offer a variety of mini cake slices, mousse, and other confectionary treats, from the dessert tower I got to try their flan and the chocolate cake slice, all not too sweet and quite good.

Prime Café is the All-Day Dining Restaurant of B Hotel Alabang, you’ll also enjoy your complimentary breakfast buffet here, one thing to note is that the bacon is available upon request. Their breakfast spread is basically the same, quite few choices but majority of the dishes was good enough, well prepared.



Prime Cafe B Hotel Alabang

2107 Prime St., Madrigal Business Park Ayala Alabang,
Muntinlupa, Philippines
(02) 828-8181
Official Website
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