Doussants by Raffles / Fairmont: A Worthy Contender to Manila’s Cronuts Scene

FAIRMONT / RAFFLES Makati is known for their amazing desserts, so imagine my excitement upon seeing a particular Facebook post about these lovely sweet tooth treats; they are now making Doussants, yes folks down with the bandwagon and this is their version of the cronut. This hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut has been making a big buzz these days, and with the locals unparalleled love for doughnuts, I think this craze is here to stay.


They’re trying to keep things fresh, assuring quality of their pastries, thus producing a small batch daily; only 200 pieces of these luscious hybrids. Love how the base was like a croissant thin layers of pastry with the edges giving a nice crunch to the bite and as you bite into it yields a nice soft and chewy consistency to boot. Layers of pleasure and indulgence meticulously prepared, it’s kind of amazing how I was able to peel each of the layers admiring the flavors ever so slowly. Varying flavors and texture and then you hit the pastry cream, BAM! Oh utter bliss.

Available in 5 flavors; Raspberries and Cream, Chocolate Valrhona with crunchy choco-caramel pearls, Rosemary Spiced Pistachio, Honey Glazed Almond, and Spiced Cinnamon.

dousssant_cronut_honey_glazed_poster dousssant_cronut_honey_glazed

Starting off with one of the most simple of flavors, the Honey Glazed with Almond. Glorious sweet honey glazed envelopes the whole thing with a really sweet frosting on top and some almond shavings for a nice tinge of crunch and a good contrast in texture. And then you hit the pastry cream filling that goes really well with the sweet glaze and the nutty bits.

dousssant_cronut_pistachio_poster dousssant_cronut_pistachioFrom a simple flavor to a more complex one, their Rosemary Spiced Pistachio was really good! Enjoy the earthy, nutty flavor of pistachio that’s laced with rosemary, traces of that distinct flavor makes this one unique grub. The flavor of the spice might be a bit too overpowering to some, an acquired taste and I wish there’s more pistachio bits too.

dousssant_cronut_cinnamon_spiced_poster dousssant_cronut_cinnamon_spicedSPICED CINNAMON! Partial to this well-loved spice, I love how it presents with a woody, earthy fragrance with these little sweet notes that goes perfect with the pastry cream filling. It has this sweet Christmassy flavor to it that just goes really well with coffee and hot chocolate. A flavor combination that makes so much sense.

dousssant_cronut_raspberry_poster dousssant_cronut_raspberryRaspberries and Cream has a more subtle flavor to it, slightly tangy notes balances the sweet flavor of the bread and the cream filling so it’s not at all cloying. I was pleasantly surprised with the combination of flavors, one of my favorites from the bunch. As for the Valrhona Chocolate, unfortunately I wasn’t able to try it. Came there for lunch and it was sold out already. Who wouldn’t love a rich bittersweet dark chocolate base with those crunchy caramel pearls?! Definitely going to go back there to try the chocolate variant.

I think the Doussants of Raffles / Fairmont Makati is a worthy contender to the local cronut scene, the attention to detail is commendable and I love how the pastry can be flaky on the edges and soft and chewy as you bite into it. Light layers that you can peel off to your enjoyment, some may find the pastry cream filling to be a bit overwhelming but I think this would definitely appeal to a lot of foodies and I think they’re planning to launch some more flavors, heard they’re making a queso de bola variant, and I’m really excited for it!


Cafe Macaron, Fairmont Hotel

1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue
Makati City
(02) 555-9840
Fairmont Makati – Facebook Page

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