RASTRO: Sultry Tapas and Killer Drinks

RASTRO Tapas Bar and Restaurant – A meek tapas bar that serves up some really good cocktails and some tapas and other entrees that just exude a homy feel to it, food that’s simple, no frills, and very relate-able. Go here to have a good time, the booze is fantastic, order some tapas and maybe a filling dish or two, some desserts, add that to good company from friends and you have a great recipe for good times.


POLLO IBERICO – chicken that’s been slow-cooked for 24-36 hours in olive oil and garlic cloves, meat that’s fork-tender, oh see that rendered rich, glistening goodness, I love how the tinge of garlic flavor was able to permeate through the meat and the potatoes. You can also try to smear some of the drippings over some crusty bread and maybe mash some of that garlic and it’s all good.


Sample some of their tapas, pair it with their drinks and have a good time. Their tapas are simple, built on familiar flavors, I love how everything is uncomplicated, no surprises and just straight-up decent tapas to be munched over their awesome array of cocktails. From the crispy tawilis of deep-fried water sardinella with a spicy vinegar dip to these light and flaky tinapa triangles filled with smoked fish goodness and some cream cheese, pair it up with the salsa its served with for some dash of freshness. Then move on to the more familiar ones; chistora of simple chunks of chorizo that’s oozing with flavor, pair it with some bread and smear all that flavorful rendered fat down to the last drop. There’s also the gambas al ananda that’s some shrimp pieces topped with crab fat and a bit of spice, all that richness leaves you wanting for more wine or anything to cut through the intense flavor from the crustacean.


Try the huevos rancheros for something simple and fun to eat, shoestring potatoes topped with some chorizo, egg, and aioli. It’s really a simpole snack that’s just has this combination of savory flavor and varying textures. Ever had paella negra in rice ball form? check out their bolitos negros and enjoy its rich flavor that’s finished with a bit of aioli.

When in Rastro, you must not miss on their cocktails, this something they do quite well. From the classic mojitos and the sangria down to the more complicated, more interesting ones that’s all intoxicatingly good.

BOURBON BACON SLAB! Yes it definitely desserves all caps, a match made in crispy, fatty pork heaven. You just got to love how this amazing flavor of intense smokiness with a tinge of sweetness was able to permeate through each strand of the meat, it’s so damn good. Not that I’m partial to bacon but the flavor combination on this one is really spot on.

rastro_tapas_poster4If you fancy something that’s more filling, try their paellas, a big pan of short grain rice goodness topped with a bunch of seafood for you to enjoy. May it be the Paella Negra or the Catalana, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of the flavors and my favorite part the socarrat, those toasted rice bits that sticked to the bottom of the pan, just lovely. Give it some aioli for some extra layer of creaminess and a dash of lmon to balance the flavor of the seafood.

Chorizo pasta of oil based al dente pasta topped with chorizo bits bursting with flavor, got some extra bits from their chistora and it’s all good! Bursting with the savory fatty goodness.

They also have this awesome after-drinks grub; Sopa Seca of light tomato based broth, chorizo bits, crostini, garlic and egg. The savory, almost like a brine goodness seems like a perfect cure to your hang over.

Don’t forget to leave space for some desserts too, they have a quite interesting lineup.

Turones Pastor — little tubes of flaky pastry stuffed with what seemed to be this slightly sweet concoction of a rich creme brulee, oh yes that lovely custard sweet tooth treat in tube form, fantastic.

It’s no secret that I’m partial to all things chocolate and their Tripple Chocolate Silk was just lovely. at the base is this oreo crust for some texture and then layered with some unsweetened chocolate and a more sweet white chocolate to finish it off. Varying texture and chocolate flavors will make anyone with a sweet tooth giddy and overjoyed. It’s so good that I brought a couple more of this to the office for my friends to try, they absolutely loved it, this should be kept refrigerated tho, since it easily looses its form if not.

Rastro Tapas Bar and Restaurant at Burgos Circle serves some really simple food, sultry tapas and some good filling dishes to be paired with their awesome cocktails. An ideal hang out place to bond with friends for some quality time and good vibes.


Rastro Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Burgos Circle
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 556-1497
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